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The Best of Three Dog Night. The hits came easily to this band including "Joy to the World", "Shambala", "Eli's Coming" and "One".
Who's Next - The Who.  One of the greatest rock albums of all time, with tunes like "Baba O'Reilly", "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Won't Get Fooled Again".  Full of existential and political messages, this 1971 release was remastered in 1995 with added tracks. 
Fragile - Yes. This 1972 recording was remastered and highlights Yes' dramatic rock style. "Roundabout" and "Long Distance Runaround" are two hits from this album. Their latest release, Open Your Eyes (1997) brings together the original band members.  But wait! We have another new release, The Ladder (1999) and a new tour too!
After the Gold Rush - Neil Young. On this 1970 solo album Neil Young sings "Tell Me Why", "Don't Let It Bring You Down" and "Southern Man".  For a great live recording check out his Unplugged album.
Freak Out! - Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.  The band's first album released in 1966 is still a monument to Zappa's satirical anarchy.  A good place to start with Zappa.
The Odyssey And The Oracle - The Zombies (1969) I was never a huge fan of any of The Zombies work, but I have to make an exeption with this album. This album's best known track is "Time Of The Season". This is a very creative psychedelic album that has a great sound to it. This was the Zombies last album, but probably their least commercial. Much of the album has been wrongly neglected until recently. Many look at this album as being a forgotten masterpiece of the 60's.   - Matt