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It's A Beautiful Day - It's A Beautiful Day.  This album has become very famous due to it's scarcity.  At one time a good copy would fetch about $60.  The best cut, "White Bird", is electric thanks to David LaFlamme's violin.  Other good tunes are "Hot Summer Day" and "Wasted Union Blues".
Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits.  No one sang the blues like Janis.  This album has a good selection of her hits.  For a more complete selection there's a three-CD set, Cheap Thrills/I Got Dem Ol' Kosmic Blues Again Mama!/Pearl.
Cheap Thrills - Big Brother & The Holding Company(with Janis Joplin of course!) Remastered with extra cuts! This is their first major album with a classic cover from R. Crumb.  "Piece of My Heart", "Summertime" and "Ball and Chain" are as gritty as Janis gets.  Also check out Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits!
Surrealistic Pillow - The Jefferson Airplane.  The Airplane first landed on the San Francisco music scene and with this 1967 album (their second) took the country by storm.  "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit" became instant classics. For all you fans there's a new release, Live at the Filmore East (1998) which showcases their legendary onstage energy.
Aqualung - Jethro Tull. Released in 1971 this record went to the top.  Propelled by Ian Anderson's dramatic flute and eccentric lyrics Tull brought a fresh edge to rock.  The subsequent album, Living in the Past (1972) showed a mellower side.
Tapestry - Carole King. (1971) One of the bestselling records of all time, Tapestry showcases Carole's gift of songwriting. For something more complete try Carole King Natural Woman-Ode Collection including many songs written for artists like James Taylor and Aretha Franklin.
In The Court Of The Crimson King - King Crimson. Originally released in 1969 this famous album features Greg Lake singing and the guitar work of Robert Fripp. For a taste of the band's new work (minus Lake) check out their 1998 release, Absent Lovers-Live In Montreal
Led Zeppelin IV This album marks the pinnacle of Led Zeppelin's career.  With Stairway to Heaven the band scored it's biggest hit. 
Lennon Legend - The Very Best of John Lennon. This recording includes all his post Beatles hits.  An excellent collection.  Perhaps a better choice than the John Lennon Anthology.
Sittin' In - Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina (1972).  This upbeat album shines thanks to great songs and good vocal harmonies on tunes like "Vahevalla", "Back to Georgia" and "Nobody Like You".
Anthology - The Lovin' Spoonful. Led by John Sebastian, this group had many hits in the 60s including "Do You Believe in Magic?", "Daydream" and "Summer in the City".
Forever Changes - Love (1967) This was Jim Morrison's favorite album. This is truly a remarkable work. So much genius was put into this. This album is just a good as Pet Sounds and Sgt Pepper, in my opinion, and just as influential. The band's leader, Arthur Lee was a genius and visionary, who wrote some of the best songs ever. This recording incorporates strings into the music, just as Sgt. Pepper and Pet Sounds, for a far out psychedelic sound! This is an awesome piece of psychedelic music, one of the best to emerge from the 60's. This album is on many critics lists as being the greatest album of all time. Today this album is considered to be a masterpiece, and IT IS.  - Matt
If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears - The Mama's and Papa's.  This 1966 classic has "Monday, Monday" and "California Dreamin'".  If you want even more check out their Greatest Hits for 20 great tunes.
Legend - Bob Marley and the Wailers. This album showcases the King of Reggae's biggest hits.  Whether singing about Love or Protest, Bob's funky soulful sound is always spiritually satisfying.
Ram - Paul McCartney. (1971) Paul's best solo album has some good cuts including "Too Many People" and "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey". Band on the Run, (1973) with Wings, is another good choice.
Blue - Joni Mitchell  Released in 1971 this great album has Stephen Stills and James Taylor on some tracks.  From the love ballads here to jazz and rock Mitchell explores various styles with her unique vocals.  Her latest, Taming the Tiger focuses on her jazz guitar and synth playing and is reminicent of some of her best work.
Time Traveler - The Moody Blues. This five CD set covers the Moodies' extraordinary journey through time and innerspace, from Days of Future Past (1967) to Keys to the Kingdom (1991). Fortunately, they managed to keep together some of the more dramatic segues from their early albums. A must for those who don't have all the albums yet.
Moondance - Van Morrison.  The master of R&B romance scores on this one with "Moondance", "Crazy Love" and "Into the Mystic".
Back On Top - Van Morrison.  He scores again with this hit album that harkens back to his '70s magic.  A must buy for fans and those who love good music.