The following is a list of places where there exists a sizable hippy population, where there is tolerance towards hippies, where hippies are free to pursue their lifestyle with community support.  Whether you're looking to visit or relocate, you can be sure there'll be places to stay, interesting things to see and do, and lots of other hippies in these places.  If you know of any other places to add to this list please write to us.

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North Carolina-Ohio
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Other Places

We got lots of forests in North Alabama and sometimes a group called the
Rainbow People come to Mount Cheaha to harmonize with nature. I believe they
come from California. There is a great number of hippies living in the Calhoun
County area, mainly in [(Anniston/Oxford/Jacksonville), Alabama]. If any
hippies need somewhere to move to come on to Alabama. We have plenty of room
and the people of our land don't care what you look like. 
After spending the past few summers in the wonderful state of alaska, i must let you know that the entire state is a great place to be.  all summer long there are bluegrass shows, festivals and trips to be taken.  wether you are into the the matanuska thunderfuck, fruity pebbles, or any of the other delectables of the state, or just hitching around to see the land, you surely are welcom no matter what you are.  i've had more amazing expierences in alaska than i could ever imagine. my boyfriend and i hitched over a thousand miles to homer, had no problems getting a ride. jerry's twin ( right down to the nubby fingers) picked us up and let us camp in his front yard, fed us strawberry daquries and smoked all night. let everyone know that alaska is only part of the US because of it's government and monetary units.  go and visit, you may never come back :)

Delta Junction, Alaska - is the highest per capita weed smokin' community- about 85% of the town here does!

Homer, Alaska - is on the Southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula and is FULL of
people living as they wish...some in schoolbuses, some in cabins, many w/o
running water, electricity and many with all the amenities but all the heart.
There are people living off the grid and the entire town is geared toward
spirituality.  The town of Homer has been called for many years, 'the cosmic
hamlet by the sea'.  Check out available web sites...although most of those
are geared toward tourists due the will find many interesting people
living a conscious, purposeful life 

Matanuska Valley, Alaska - Up in the Matanuska grows the wonderful Matanuska Thunder Fuck where people all over the country that have tried Alaska weed beg for
more. People laid back moved to Alaska because marijuana was legal up to


Bisbee, Arizona - This small community really flourished when the company town bailed out in the mid-seventies, and hippies from all over moved in. There is a great community here, co-op and lots of hippy artists living out in the desert. Check it out for yourself, have a brew and a few games of nine ball at the Bisbee Grand, or play hacky sack in the grassy park in front of the mining museum right in downtown. 

Flagstaff, Arizona - a large community, or family of hippies come here
for the diversity of Kind and other party favors. With the San Francisco
Peaks and Sedona only twenty minutes away the opportunites are endless.

Prescott, Arizona - home of Prescott, University.  You will find a
very large amount of artists, mountain bikers, hikers, and outdoorsmen
in this town, along with communes galore. My brother was walking up this
one mountain and saw a dancing circle of hippies beating drums and
enjoying life in the middle of the wilderness. People tell me that the
university here is one of the most open-minded in the world, and it
offers a variety of alternative majors (mountain climbing, kayaking,
etc) and the majority of students study abroad. 

Sedona, Arizona  -  Although i have never been there i have heard from many people that there are some hippies they may not take up the entire population but there more than usual.  I have heard that it is a very spiritual place as it is in a vortex and is well known for it's many new age shops. 

Tempe, Arizona - Every sunday there is a gathering of kind brothers and
sisters in Tempe at the Sail Inn.We have been gettin together for about two
years for an afternoon of kind vibes with an incredible Grateful Dead cover
band Noodles.They play from 4:20 till ??If you're ever in town,We would love
to have you join us. Hope to see ya sometime.

Tucson, Arizona - Home to the University of Arizona and a large hippy population, Tucson is happening!  4th Avenue is a hangout with lots of cool shops, cafes and clubs.  The street occassionally gets transformed into a huge Art Festival.  There's usually some good music around town, plus the nice climate and cheap smoke keeps everybody groovin'!


Arcata, California - is a totally unreal place to check out and LIVE too !! the rents are cheap and it seems everyone is way laid back, with Humboldt next door and being amongst the greatest redwoods in the world, how can you go wrong !!
The capital of Czech republic is also a capital of hippie life-forms here in Czech and also for a quite a lot of them from other countries. Mary Jane is not legal, but there are a lot of small clubs, organising the festivals, concerts, theatre and a lot of other actions, where the MJ smoke is tolerated - practically it has a kind of legality as by our law you can smoke it, but can not grew it, trade it etc. 

Arcata, California - This is the best place to go if you're a hippie.. well, besides the Haight-
Ashbury.  It's located in Humboldt County, which is pretty well-known for it's
marijuana growth.  The community is great, there are always festivals going on
about the earth, such as the Mushroom Fair, the Hemp Festival, North Country
Fair, everything you can imagine.  I love it here!  The people are so
supportive of you.. they've even made a law which states that women can indeed
go topless around the plaza in the centre of town.  ; ) 

Humboldt, California - I Personally Dont Think You Emphasized how Many Hippies And How Much Ganja There really Is Out in Humboldt, Humboldt Is Like One Of The Main Places. 

Mt Shasta, California -
Nobody mentioned one of the most sacred places on earth.  Everyone is so
totally kind.  The mountain pours out its love and watches over all its
inhabitants.  It snows for days in the winter, but in the summer I go live
in the woods and draw off the healing energies.  Another kind thing is that
the cops realize that hippies are really laid back and we do alot for the
community and keep it beautiful, therefore we all do well living in harmony. 

San Diego, California - Especially Ocean Beach, Encinitas areas.  Laid back mixture of surfers and hippies make for a cool scene.  Check out The Black a famous headshop in O.B.  Also "blacks beach every full moon at 8:00pm"

San Francisco, California - especially the Haight Asbury and Berkeley areas.  The place where it all began in the Summer of Love, 1967 and where it continues to this day.

Santa Cruz, California -  I'm not sure there is really a large population of hippies IN Santa Cruz--it's kind of a melting pot of all types of people--but if you're looking for some really beautiful scenery, kind people, and totally peaceful chillin', head to one of the towns a little bit north of Santa Cruz.  Felton, Boulder Creek, Bonny's way mellow there, and everyone's basically into mother nature and their brothers and sisters.  It's also real close to the ocean.  It's one of the prettiest areas you can imagine...head there on your travels.  You won't be sorry! 

Southern Humboldt, California ..... We are the center of the "emerald tiangle"... need I say more? 

Venice Beach , California  every sunday people get together and form a drum circle.
It's a hippie haven and it last until sunset. Come visit us! 


Boulder, Colorado - At the foot of the Rockies, this community is hip.

Boulder, Colorado - As one who has lived in and visited Boulder, CO over the years, I must
warn everybody not to judge a book by it's cover.  Sure, Boulder is a
very hip & fun town, but times are changing.  Due to an ever
increasing influx of "hippies", Deadheads, Phishheads, etc., the local
law enforcement has been cracking down on the free-spirited mentality
of our lifestyle.  I have personally witnessed numerous human rights
violations & unnecessary arrests, all stemming from pressure by the
local government & Boulder residents to "clean up the town".  I mean,
how many places can you go where both you AND YOUR DOG get arrested in
the same day?!!!  Don't laugh, because it has happened! 

Nederland,Colorado - 17 miles west, up the canyon from Boulder. This town has
old to young hippies from all over the country. Very awesome music scene
for a little mountain town(Leftover Salmon,ect...). Majical place. Very
kind in many ways. 


Ellington, Connecticut. because ,like theres a lot of hippies here - it's a real trip man. 


Newark, Delaware -  this place is the home of the university of delaware.  tons of hippies here. most live on madison which  consists of apartment/townhouses and this friendly group is very intelligent and KIND. 


Gainsville, Florida - The hippy capital of Florida. 

Orlando, Florida - Gainesville is not all the bomb that you say it is. it is not the "hippy capitol" of phlorida. there are kydz there cause there is a college. that's it. just a college. if there were no college, the town would be non-existant.  there are some nice kydz there, but no family. they have some good shows maybe once a month. i live in orlando. it is mofuckin awesome! i have lived in many places  and for about 6 mos in different places in phlorida. the "hippy capitol" is definately St. Augustine. SUCH A fabulous family!! there's a beach, there's plenty of places to sell crafts on the street all year round. there tons of cool shit like an old fort that you can trip around in and plenty of kynd folks. not much of a nightlife unfortunatly. they never have big name bands. orlando on the other hand is a mecca. we get awesome shows here pretty regularly. we've got the house of blues, we've got a university, we're an hour from the beach, an hour from daytona beach, not much further from Gainesville, a little less from st augustine. we've got the big ekon river. two drum circles every week. we've got the orlando family. we've got the hippy hole. 

Key West, Florida - despite the commercialism the boat people and
street performers, still living the good life.  The town is tolerate of long
hairs and pot is available from Jamaica.  Love the town but there was some draw


Atlanta, Georgia - There is a certain area in Atlanta that
is known as Midtown which houses an area known as Little Five Points.
This is truly the hippie haven of the south - or at least Georgia.  In
this little portion of town there are many body art and vintage shops,
including a favorite of the locals called Groovy Girls.  Other odds and
ends are sold around here such as African drums, futons, and crystals.
Just like the goods that are sold here, the people are an assorted
mixture as well. New age Flower Children, aging Flower Children,
skateboarders, and Rastafarians line the streets daily.  Drum circles
are common practices here.  Little Five Points and the nearby Piedmont
Park also host the Pot Festival every year. 


Big Island  and Kauai - Lots of growers here.  Scene is low key and laid back.  Communes around.  On Big Island, the hippies are all in the Puna District mainly in the Pahoa area from Kalapana to Pahoa and from Pahoa over to Volcano. 

Maui, Hawaii - Still full of hippies living on the slopes of Haleakela, the dormant volcano, in places like Kipahulu, Hana, Paia.  You'll need a few gold cards to visit here.  This scene is expensive.


Moscow, Idaho - You will find some of the most absolutely wonderful people there! Besides the people Moscow is the meca of outdoor activities and being one with nature and life. 


Bloomington, Indiana - This town has a modest, but  decent, hippie community.  At 4:20 (pm) at a park on 9th Street, there is a drum circle.  Also a cafe/restaurant called the Runcible Spoon is 
visited by many hippies and other interesting people. A few hippies (roughly 6) work there as 
well. The restaurant is located on 6th Street downtown.  Across the back parking lot of this 
restaurant is a little natural foods Co-op store called Bloomingfoods, where many hippies are 
employed, and where most hippies buy all their essentials.  On Kirkwood Avenue, the most 
active part of the downtown, there is a little shop called the Dharma Emporium, owned and 
frequented by lots of groovy people.  On Walnut Street, there lies a shop called the Magic Bus, 
owned and operated by a bunch of hippies that live in the back; kind and gentle folks.  Also, the 
town of Bloomington is mostly liberal, and there are alot of interesting people.  Just stay away 
from the west side of town:  this is a "thriving" commercial part of town with no trees and a lot 
of new subdivisions.  Bad, bad, bad. 

Needmore, Indiana - This is a tiny, tiny place way way out in the boonies, but an ideal 
location for a commune, wouldn't you say?  Yes, Lothlorien is the name of the place and is just 
south of Bloomington a ways.  Lothlorien is the beautiful location of many festivals throughout 
the year, and they have an open season during which space can be reserved for celebrations.
Lovely, lovely place.  Their website


Quad Cities, Iowa - we have started a small hippie community. Our
Rainbow Family has potlucks every other sunday campouts every month or so.
you may display my e-mail address,


Lawrence, Kansas - The place is very chill and down to earth.  As much as marijuana seems to be a symbol of hippydom, i would have to say that Lawrence grows some of the finer buds in the states, of course next to Oregon and Boulder. 

The Rainbow Gathering - This movable community gathers for a few weeks each year in some remote location.  Check out their web page for more info.
Louisville, Kentucky - Bardstown Road is a large street where you can not only find hippies, but every kind of person there is. The best parts of Bardstown Road stretch for about 3 miles. It's a great place to just take a walk. It really does look like it's straight out of 1968. There are great coffee shops with outdoor cafes, "gently used" book stores, instrument and record shops, head shops, vintage clothing stores, specialty stores and everything in between. It's absolutley the best place in Louisville to visit!!!

Louisville, Kentucky - Happy thriving hippie community here, Cherokee Park is home to many drummers and smokers...Bardstown Road is lined with eclectic shops, head and hemp and beads and vintage well as vegetarian cuisine...this city also has a solid gay community, and a well-known affinity for birthing original bands--there are very many opportunities for budding musicians to meet likeminded folks...Also many poets and artists claim Louisville for their home.  It is groovy. 


Industry, Maine - "plenty of old hippies die hard hippies new hippies and a bunch of
drunk ones too you ever hear of hempstock thats in the town right next
to us. then harvest fest isn't too far away either" 

Starks, Maine - home of the annual HEMPSTOCK.  More than 30 bands will play
through-out the weekend of August 14th...many local bands.......There were no
reported arrests last year !!!!   and everyone is Hippie like up there in
Maine anyway...... 


Mount Rainier, Maryland - A funky little town near DC that literally hasn't changed since the 60's.  Or if it has, the resemblance has gotten even closer. Since there's a
major African American presence it has a somewhat Rastafarian ambience.
Check out the Glut Food Co-op (started by Marxists in 1969), the
Eye Opener coffee shop (owned by a Deadhead) and the used furniture /
alternative health stores. Possibly the cheapest place you can live
between the mountains and the Chesapeake, if you're a hippie. 

Takoma Park, DC/Maryland - Not exactly a hippie but having grown up in Takoma Park,
on the DC border, have more familiarity than most. Takoma Park is known as the
Berkely of the East. Competitors, we're more modest than that, please challenge us
to greatness. DC is famous for being the most politically liberal big city, but then
it's also famous for being the nexus of the Counter-Counter-Culture (it's actually
hip to be drug free here, though you can do just about anything in public and still
get elected to high office), so you may be wondering, where do hippies fit in? As it
happens, Takoma Park is not the sad, commercialized, isolated enclave of hipness
that you find in most big cities. It is at the geographic heart of a wreath of
easygoing, progressive, really racially integrated, communities. Which is why we've
escaped gentrification and "hip"-ization & remain a low-key, 70's style small town.
White-bread hipsters with racial jones beware.
Hippiedom here is not about commercial lifestyle. It's part of the culture. Nobody
moves here for the shopping or arts, but very large percentages of the populations
are vegetarians, recylers, renters, non-car owners, members of the two co-ops.
We cheer on the annual Reel mower Brigade in their efforts to ban gas lawnmowers.
To benefit our large illegal alien population, who can vote, we have a tradition of
hiring police chiefs committed to not cooperating with the IMF. Bizarrely, we're
also a mecca for evangelicals and libertarians who share a similar political zeal
and fondness for natural food - one of the organic co-ops is the world's largest
christian book store, and the other is staffed by ex-Maoists. There aren't many
tensions in the community, though. Our favorite mayor was a ninety yr old Socialist.
Anyhow, we used to have two wild roosters, but one got run over. You can hear the
other one crowing behind the boarding houses downtown, between the House of Musical Traditions and the Metaphysical Chapel, on the spring solstice when the Foggy Bottom Morris Men gather to dance the sun up.
Definitely a community for longtime residents & hippies- at-heart; fairweather
hippies will get bored and move to some overrated part of DC. We've already got too
many yuppies, most of whom were still hippies before they moved here and got a job
teaching at the Jane Goodall Institute or Nuclear Environmental Research group or
something similar in town, so I guess they're okay. 


Amherst, Massachuesetts - Home to the annual "Extravaganja" festival, Amherst residents are about to vote on a decriminalization of marijuana referendum. Amherst boasts a huge student population -- from Amherst College, Hampshire College, and UMass-- and is less than 10 minutes from Northampton, another hippy haven. Great concerts and shows, wonderful cheap res>

Transfer interrupted!


Northampton, Massachuesetts - Great place for hippies and hippie-types.  Tolerant largely gay community welcomes "alternative people".  Love the place! Lots of hippie shops and restaurants too!!

West Newbury and Newburyport, Massachuesetts - are filled with tons of young hippies.
in Newburyport there are a lot of cool little coffee houses and is on an old 1800 waterfront. many places to toke up and everything is always readlly available. Peple such as toots and the maytalls, livingston taylor (james bro) and david grisman have performed in this small town.


Ann Arbor, Michigan - There is a Hash Bash every year there and so many hippies come.  Ann Arbor is a
great place. 

Saugatuck, Michigan - This is truly a hip community, located along the
shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, surrounded by picturesque sand dunes.
Saugatuck is the epicenter of many western Michigan coastal communities
offering a very laid-back chilled atmosphere, and amongst the population
you will find an immense multitude of artists and a majority of
open-minded people. The downtown is very eclectic, with many far-out
shops, including the popular Shakedown Street, offering a variety of
Grateful Dead and hippy-related merchandise. Coffee shops are also quite
abundant here. There's also a lot of very cool natural attractions, such
as Mt. Baldhead and Oval Beach. The entire scene here reeks of
peace.....I must say that this town is the ultimate chill-spot. 


St. Louis, Missouri - There is a substantial hippie community that exists on St. Louis' South Side around the area of South Grand Avenue.  There is also another older, but growing hippie enclave in a close-in suburb of St. Louis.  Known as the University City Loop along 10 blocks of Delmar Boulevard, the area is hopping with hippie-run shops and vendor stands. 

Columbia, Missouri - Downtown Peace Park and Peace Nook 

Westport, Missouri - Missouri has more then two hippy hang
outs (gasp!).  Westport's a very cool place. it has head shops, VW
buses, and lots of drugs. 


Missoula, Montana - is a hip place with many hippys.  Its population is small so
everything is laid back there is alot of hippy stores and vegetarian resturants.  The town lies
over a pretty river and is next to a large mountain so many people hike, bike, hunt shrooms and river raft. 

Missoula, Montana - Lots of hippies, of all ages. Very similar to Eugene, without the rain. Missoula is also the home of Plunker, one of the founders of the Rainbow Nation. 

Omaha, Nebraska is a pretty phun lil town. pretty good family. there are NO CLUBS there, so those annoying clubkids are not even present (woo-hoo!), they'll introduce you to a real rave which everyone should experience. Omaha also has the oldmarket which is downtown and a fun place to hang out day and night with a park to the east, the Big Slides (extreme amounts of child-like fun) on the north, the abandoned warehouses are also right near where the parties rage at night. lots of grassroots organizations sprouting up. definitely worth checking out if you're traveling through to Boulder or something. 

New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico - I went to Taos, New Mexico last summer and found the place swarming with beautiful people.  There are a few communes right outside of town... where Easy Rider was filmed.  Lots of freaks around and so much to learn from each other... ecstacy.  A bit touristy, but not yet too corrupt with society. 

Silver City, New Mexico - is a Hippy Mecca.  They have loads of herbal stores in the city with "classes" on locating and identifying local herbs.  Their co-op bulletin board is loaded with new age info.  They have drum circles and a number of communes within 25 miles of the city, some better than others.  Don't forget to ask about the hot springs. 

New York

The East Village, New York - Once the home to the Fillmore East, now the thriving alternative center of New York City. 

I think I was one of the last holdover hippies from the 60's to leave the East Village a
year ago, although there are a few stragglers still there - but they don't fit into the scene anymore because the psychological climate there is just as materialistic as the rest of Manhattan, which - in a word - sucks.

Ithaca, New York - has one of the largest hipppie populations in New York state. Has natural beauty and is crawling with old and new hippies. Home to many communes, head shops, natural groceries, drum circles, and kind bud. Ithaca has a sizeable college population. 

New Paltz, New York - Home to State University of NY at New Paltz, this small town has a sizable hippy community as well as students.  The young feeling is a refreshing change from upstate NY's older crowd.  "There are just as many real hippies there as there are in Woodstock,NY. I know this because I am a long hair dreded hippy that lives near by both of these locations. The good thing about New Paltz is that it isn't nearly as hyped up as Woodstock. This provides for a nice relaxing atmosphere." 

Tonawanda, New York - There is alot of hippys in Tonawanda NY.  We have
protested so many times and when we usd to be the Lumber Capital of the world,
we made them stop cutting the trees down, and we saved a lot of trees. 

Woodstock, New York - Not the actual location of the famous festival (that is Bethel, N.Y.), and a bit of a tourist trap, but yes, lots of hippies live here.

North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina is undoubtedly one of the kindest places on the East Coast.  Nice nuggets, a lively and experimental music scene, and the overall friendly atmosphere make this town a must for nomadic freaky friends!  I'll see you when I roll through town 


Yellow Springs, Ohio- (east of Dayton) pop. 10,000, home of the Ivy League
Antioch College, head shops, hemp and Earth Friendly clothing and jewelry
stores, several music stores (one specializing in hand made drums) and
several specialty gift stores. One of Dayton's biggest hippie hangouts. 

Columbus, Ohio - pop. 2,500,000. High Street @ Ohio State University
(Largest University in the US, 70,000 students) dozens of head shops, 100's
of specialty stores including 50 record and tape stores (tons of used)
dozens of hemp clothing stores. 

Waynesville, Ohio - near Fairborn. The Renassiance Festival.  Hippies
everywhere you look and lots of stuff about midevil times.... you can buy
clothes and different things. It's a great place to meet people and everyone
shares everything.


Just about Any city in Oregon West of the Cascade Mountians is a Hippy Haven. Oregon is the only state where hippies enjoy a majority at the voting booths come election time. There's a saying going around "Hippies dont die. They just move to Oregon. During the past few years hippies have been moving to Oregon in droves because there's employment for hippies here, and we hippies can go full out in our glad rags in public veiw with out being accosted, laughed at or put down. Oregon is a true hippy Haven. Under an oz. of pot isnt illegal here. It's only a civil fine that would cost you $500.

Corvallis, Oregon - Corvallis, Oregon has a lot of hippies.  There are so many coffee shops and bookstores to see them at.  The waterfront is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy if you are a hippy. 

Eugene, Oregon - Site of the Oregon Country Faire (each July) where each year hippies gather to celebrate their hippiness.  Home to the University of Oregon, many co-operatives, communes galore, a real cool Saturday Market, and eco-consciousness.

Porland, Oregon - is a wonderful place that is very tolerant of hippie-types.  Plenty of great people, and home to some great places, such as the nationally famous Saturday Market, a great place to meet people and just chill on the waterfront. 

Theres a place in PA. called New Hope.  There are a whole lot of hippies there lots of shops.  A it's on a river and theres a smaller one within it.  Many many shops alot of artwork, nice places to eat (Places you can eat lunch outside by the river and exotic flavour ice creams). 

South Carolina

Hilton Head, South Carolina - Everybody on this li'l tourist island is flowing. There's a small, but vivid hippie population, who tend to gather at Looce Lucy's or Black Market Minerals in Coligny Plaza, and The Hemp Seed off Sea Pines Circle. Unless you're at the high school, nobody is a hassler. It's good as far as South Carolina goes, I'd say haul your asses down here for a little peace on the beach.

Spartanburg, South Carolina - It's a medium size city in Upstate SC. I grew up on the east side with tons of hippies. Our parents were the original flower children and for the most part raised us in true hippie fashion. There isnt a lot for teenagers to do in SPartanburg, but we make do. One of our favorite places to hang out is Pill Hill, a park near the high school. Anyways Spartanburg is a nice city, kind of boring, but definitely full of hippies. 


The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee - This commune founded by hippies including Stephen Gaskin, has pioneered the hippie communal lifestyle.  Check out their website for more info!  For a good history of The Farm see the Vegetarian Times story.


Austin, Texas - my older brother lives there, and
works as a chef. almost every night we get 2 or 3 bucks from each of his
roommates, head up to Central Market and get tons of fresh fruit,
vegetables, etc - and have a giant veggie-kabob for dinner. it feeds
everyone and also provides for a great way to get together at night in
the backyard and just hang out. Barton Creek Park is another great
hangout - it's a linear park that follows Barton Creek - along the cliff
walls there are several caves for exploring... just a toatally surreal
environment. everyone in Austin just seems so mellow and content, i wish
i could live there - but for now i'll just be happy with visiting.... 

Austin, Texas -  We have the second largest vegetarian population in the
nation....along with some great scenery here in the hill country.
People should check it out. 

Hey, there are more than Mormons in Utah!  Check out Moab sometime, you'll find plenty of hippies there!

Anywhere in Vermont There aren't that many hippies but there is weed
everywhere!!! And a lot of other drugs. What else is there to do up here?

Burlington, Vermont - on church street is the coolest place to be,
theres varietys of people including hippies, mostly new hippies.
Theres also a resturant type place off church street called Necters,
which is where all the bands eat when they come to play down the
street at club toast. Necters serves the most addicting gravey fries
you will ever eat. Bands such as Phish, Belizbeha, and tons other eat
there. Theres also really cool places to shop, and theres a green
which is the hippies grassy knole. 


Floyd, Virginia - Having grown up in the Blue Ridge, I am fortunate enough to have been
thoroughly familiarized with the hippie pilgrimage that has taken place since
the early 70's.....and they're all still heading to Floyd county.  I believe there
must be upwards of 10 intentional communities up on the beautiful plateau
where Floyd county is situated and the numbers are ever growing.  The nice
thing, too, is that the population is fairly consistent, that is to say that
it's not really too transient.....people go there and they tend to stay.  It's
amazingly beautiful, and I'm so glad that it's just right outside my back


There is a large hippie community in Northeast Washington especially around the small town of Republic and Northern Stevens county.

Bellingham, Washington -This beautiful place is an island of hip folk in the Northwest. 

Olympia, Washington - Old and young hippies hanging out among the earth and animal friendly paradise in the Northwest. Veggie resturants abound.

Orcas Island, Washington - In the San Juan islands.  is an old hippy commune where many
hippies still go.  It's a campsite so if you're looking for vacation, it's definetly the place. 

Seattle, Washington - Its hard to believe Seattle is not on your list.  I moved here two
years ago from LA and find this town to be the most hip place on the
west coast.  From Fremont to Belltown, from Pike Place to Capital
Hill, Seattle is what's happening. 

West Virginia
Morgantown, West Virginia - downtown on high street and surrounding areas has two REALLY good head shops...The Den and Cool Ridge, several coffee shops, including The Blue Moose (the best bohemian coffee shop} as  well as a really good bead shop, comic shops and bike shops, and bunches of restaurants.  In west va anywhere long hair is the norm,(i even worked
at Monkey Wards w/shoulder-length hair) and there are lots of long-haired self-sufficient types living in the woods with sweat lodges, drumming parties, outhouses, log homes, herb gardens, and co-ops.


Madison, Wisconsin - A beautiful downtown, with a beautiful university
right on the lake, lots of housing co-ops, and really friendly and nice
people. People from Wisconsin tend to be slightly dingy, and Madison is
considered to be the craziest town in the state (it's also the state
capitol) - but it's the right kind of crazy, in my opinion. The only
drawback is that it gets a little cold there in winter. 

Madison, Wisconsin is a VERY groovy place, and state street is chock full
of head shops/coffee shops/every shop that deviates from the norm that
you can think of......there is even a Nepali restaurant that I
loved....also loads of interesting people throughout the town. I
couldn't believe how many street performers I saw, there were
devil-sticks flying everywhere and lone saxophonists filling up the
empty alleyways, soothing your mind like a mental Halls cough drop. 


Thailand - A beautiful, friendly, tolerant country (it is full of buddhists after all).  Unfortunately economic development and unbridled tourism has deformed this country.  Check out Ko Samui for a real getaway.  Stay away from Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.  Chaing Mai too has changed for the worse.  The hill tribes of the north are worth a visit.

Bali, Indonesia - The beauty of this island is surpassed only by the beauty of the people and their Hindu/animistic culture.  A mecca for hippies!  Ubud is a great place to base.  Give Kuta Beach a wide berth unless you like surfing.

India - A hundred lifetimes is not enough to absorb the culture, the land and the people of this amazing country.  Many a seeker has found nirvana here.  Goa is one of many places where hippies congregate.


Vancouver, Victoria and Nelson, Canada - (A.K.A. hippytown in the
boonies)?  Vancouver is the founding city of greenpeace, and our
mainstream neighbours to the south(of couse not including you marvelous
and openminded brothers + sisters) call us Columbia of the north!

Tofino, British Columbia, Canada - Iit's right on the ocean,
and I have never seen so many free spirited, beautiful people in my life.
Everyone was so kind to everyone.  Lots of free flowing clothes and
flowers.  You're always near a beach for a picnic, or just lounging.
My guitar was quite welcome there. 

Tofino is not particularly friendly since the locals are innundated
with the mass influx of tourists every year, so they have become
somewhat immune to outsiders.

Hornby Island and Gabriola Island, British Columbia -  Hornby Island
does in fact have hippies.  However, the island has become overcrowded
and increasingly slick and commercial.  Not so "groovey" now. 

Kitchener Ontario Canada - Hippies roam the streets of Kitchener and especially Cambridge. We are up there along with the freaks and jocks, geeks and the boring ones. Hippies are the best, with our butterfly shirts and bell-bottoms, we have our own twists to the 60's fashions. 

Kitchener, Ontario - Thought I'd ad a note to what our obviously young friend has said,
the scene here is extremly diversified,there is much to do see and experience.
I have jokingly refered to Kitchener for years as the Berkley of Canada,for some strange
reason this little city is a drawing card for hippies.But don't show up expecting chaos and
revolution in the air,because for the ten years I've lived here,most of what I've seen is behind
the scenes , although the older hippie and deadhead community here through some of the
biggest bashes going. 

The Gulf Islands  B.C. Canada - particularly Gabriola, Hornby and Cortes.
Enchanted, laid-back, new-age. 

Hornby Island does in fact have hippies.  However, the island has become overcrowded
and increasingly slick and commercial.  Not so "groovey" now. Cortes Island, which is rather
remote and is a pleasant looking place, was inundated by marine radiation dumps from government ships about 30 years ago before pollution regulations were inforced.  Many people on this island have developed cancer as a result of this, including the majority of the local police department who regularly patrol the area.  Under no conditions, would I ever choose to live there, as a hippy.

Joussard, Alberta, Canada, NORTH COUNTRY FAIR
 Each summer on June 20-23 (sometimes on the 19th, depending
which one falls on Friday) there is a Summer Solstice Celebration held
in this little northern Alberta town.  Hippys and free spirits alike
come from all over to enjoy this wonderful enlightening experience of
live music, new age work-shops, dancing and of course the artisan
market.  Situated beside the Lesser Slave Lake, there are many great
places to camp on and off of the fair site.  It is like taking a step
back in time, if only for one memorable weekend a year, to see beautiful
people join together and celebrate the longest day of the year.  This
year is the 20th celebration of the North Country Fair and it will
surely be a huge gathering of the free. 

Sherbrooke and Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada the townships are also the most english place in Quebec.  many old and younger hippies live out in the country here.  there's also been a few
sizeable communes, one of them mysteriously gone leaving all their stuff behind.

Montreal and Quebec, Canada also have huge countercultural activity.  if you're
looking for cheap drugs you've come to the right place.  rent is super
cheap, but jobs may not be available. 

Montreal, Canada - Just want to add a note about Montreal. This is a city with a lot of
Spirit. A place where freedom and individuality are cherished. Where people can still get by doing their art & music. Where hundreds of drummers and dancers meet on the mountain to celebrate regularily. Where you can always find a good veggie meal, and share a spliff on the street with a friend. Many Rainbow Family folks here too.

Central America

Mexico - Long an escape for the gringos, still an interesting country to visit from Baha to the Yucatan, lots of places to explore and hang out.

Maruata, Mexico - on the coast of Michoacan has been a mecca for some time now.
The big Parties are Christmas and Easter. No hotels, only camping. Lots of drums and other music. The locals are Nahuatl indians, and extremely friendly. Best beach on the west coast of mexico. Good herb for around five dollars an ounce, plus the occasional peyote surprise. Please bring sheets of blotter acid, there's always a terrible shortage. Things are a bit weird since the gathering of '95-'96 but there's always room for a few more freaks. 

Zipolite, Mexico - I was there maybe 3 years ago and it was the best most
beautiful hippy place ever. Hammocks on the beach $1 a night. Grass can
be ordered and delivered from ones hammock. Food is great too. Strong
waves - watch it! Nice sunsets.

Costa Rica is a way cool place. There are many kind nature spirits
there. Hey, every time someone greets you they say "Pura Vida" (pure
life)just that line shows you that the country is totally at peace. 

Costa Rica - what can I say except for that this is the ultimate haven
for anyone who has grasped peace and knows how to live life to the
fullest.....Pura Vida (pure life) is not only the universal greeting,
but it's a great substitute for "cool". (My bus driver Rodrigo used it
that way). The people are very hip here. Incredible atmosphere......and
the food is the best I've ever had! 

Guatemala - Lots of hippies live in communities here.

Tikal, Guatemala - very important hippy ancient Maya site. Stay on the
island when in Flores. the town is a bit rough. Tikal is beautiful, make
sure you go out into the jungles where you can see so many monkeys! The
grass is top quality there too. But sometimes climbing those pyramids
can be a bit of a scary experience, especially when remembering that
they were built extra steep just so whe you were thrown down the steps
you werent going to stop till you hit the bottom!

Down Under!

Australia - Many communes in the bush, some small hippie communities.

Byron Bay, Australia - The "Hippie Capital" of Australia is a place called Byron Bay (look it up!) which is situated at the top of New South Wales, near Brisbane. Byron Bay and surrounding towns like Nimbin,Mullumbimby, and Lismore are absolute havens for the alternative, new-age folk. 

New Zealand - Reports of hippies here and there.  Kiwis are known for their friendliness and hospitality.  Hippies can be found in the Coromandel which is a pininsula just kind of across from
Auckland .  In Nelson at the top of the south island there are little communities of hippies scattered. 

Waiheke Island, New Zealand - a 35 minute ferry ride from the
nations largest city of Auckland.(1.1 million people).  With a population of about
5000 Waiheke Island is very popular with those who want to live closer to


Amsterdam, Holland - The hippy center of Europe.  Legalized marijuana, a long history of tolerance, beautiful old city, and yes the Dutch speak English.  Hippie Heaven!  Check out our Hip Guide to Amsterdam for lots more info!

Belgium - moved from Brussels to the little town of MESNIL EGLISE (yes, Belgium) and see from the 75 habitants half of them are old and new tekno-hippies. from the solar energy professor to artists over bio food producers all invite friends to spend the summer in the woods of the Ardennes. this makes a lot of people smokin and roamin the 3 streets of the village... The melting pot with the original farmers worked well out during the last 25 years. 

The Greek Islands - European hippies flock to dozens of islands in the summer.  Hot spots are Ios, Santorini, Crete.

Greek Islands - A really Hot Place in the greeks Islands is Paros, and AntiParos. Two Islands half an our one of the other. I live in Greece so I know the really cool places. There you can
find a lot of Hippies,( french, english and greeks usually...). 

Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark - is a free-city.
Late 1600 military base of King Christian taking over by hippies in very
early 1970ies, and among the hippies most popular rock band Gasolin.
For more info, check out

Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark - is the ultimate hippiehaven in europe..
after Amsterdam, of course. In Kristiania you can smoke dope as much as you
please and the city is very beautiful with many attractions and a lot of young people... 

Helsinki, Findland - There is a small hippie-community
here too... Not a big one, but a GREAT one... As said here before, there's
a lot going on in kaisaniemi-park, but also in Koff-park, where at night
you can hear the congos and really get (high) into the spirit of Helsinki.
Just in the neighbourhood of where I live, in Kallio, there are loads of
hippieparties, smoky livingrooms and little peaceful parks. Of course,
because of the cold winters, there's really no life after summer... but I
highly recommend Finland from May to September... If you by any chance are
coming hereabouts, mail me and I'll tell you a few tips and places to go
and things to do...  Tinto.

Findland - If you want to have really psychedelic vibrations in Finland, please
visit in  Kaisaniemi´s Park in Helsinki.Lots of nice people, well,
only in summertime,sadly. Bring your own shamandrum and enjoy...
But be careful,the cops are not very friendly here. 

Paris is far from being a haven... Believe me, I've lived there for
20 years and it's no longer a pleasant place to live in... It's now,
unfortunately, a very violent, rude and polluted place. And it's damn
expensive too! And if you come to some smokey envy, well, you'd better
leave the country... 

Geneva, Switzerland - it's a real hip city... Pot is
almost legal here now, the town's full of
somehow-illegal-but-tolerated places where you can sit, listen to some
really cool music while rolling a nice one and have a beer for a
couple of coins... Hey, it's a great place! and it ain't THAT
expensive. Less than Paris! The best is in summer, at the end of July.
There's a huge open air festival which really looks like a small
Woodstock...Same spirit (almost) and lots and lots of friendly people
who are just there for the music, the spirit and the party... It lasts
for a week. It's the PALEO festival and I think you guys should get to
know it! 

Spain - I noticed that you don´t include any Spanish towns in your list...
Strange, being the european country that is closest to Morocco, having a
more than 1500 years of cannabis and hash smoking history.... Here are a
couple of places in Spain that you NEED to visit.
Altea (in the province of Alicante)- Paradise! A beautiful little
mediterranean town where everyone's as free as he wants to get.... You
can ask guitar-player and bluesman Gary Moore, I met him over here and
he loved the town!
And if you`re around, don´t miss "Franky`s Place", in Benidorm (just 5
miles away), a little 20 year old semi-underground bar where you can
find the relax and good music, having a peaceful smoke. 

Ibiza ( Mediterranean Island, 75 NMiles out of Spanish Coast)
This is THE place... No comments, you have to know this paradise.... 


The Caribbean - The laidback island lifestyle attracts many hippies.  Warm weather, beaches and life in the slow lane finds hippies in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, the Grenadines and other tropical ports.

Bulls Bay, Jamaica..... love--guavajelly 

Dahab, Egypt - Dahab is a small bedouin village located at the east coast of the sinai desert. Since the 70's Its full of hippie and vagabond types. The atmosphere of the place is really nice and laidback with great music like ambient techno, reggea, 60s rock playing every where. There are several campgrounds where you can stay at rates around 1$ per night.  In most restaurants you lay or sit on the floor on carpets and pillows, outdoors or indoors just by the redsea. There are great coral reefs a couple of meters from the shore, so many people come here for the diving. Other activities are desert excursions to oasis or Mt. Sinai, wind surfing, cheap grass, desert parties, backgammon etc. Definitely a place to visit.

Dahab is a very, very special place. Those who like Amsterdam should go to Dahab in winter (Christmas, New Year). Many Divers, Surfers, Trampers. Most of them smoke, even the policeman, beduin people and taxi drivers are stoned. The desert is great. Imagine
riding on a camel and smoking good stuff. Then go in the water and enjoy the fish!!!

Nile River, Eygpt - Felucca (type of boat) on the river Nile can be a most pleasant experience. They fit up to 8, so make sure you are in with the right sort. The captain rolls the joints as its tough with eygptian papers having no gum. He cooks good chow too. And you have never EVER seen a sunset like the one from a small little boat peacefully going up the Nile. We ordered our boat from the Bob Marley Hotel run by Mohammed Bob, hes a bit of a schemer but hes got plenty of ganja.

Israel - Many hippies live here in the holy land.  The only westernized country where communes are part of the system.

Morocco - From Marakesh to the Rif Mountains, Morocco is still an interesting place to visit. Hip places are Chefchaouen and Essaouira.  Be aware of the local customs and act appropriately.  See the Hip Guide to Morocco for some first hand experiences!

Turkey - Perhaps the hottest destination for Europeans (it's cheap!).  This friendly country has much to offer.  Again, toe the line - remember the movie "Midnight Express"!

South Africa - If you're looking for hippies south africa has got them.  Cape Town
especially hosts a large hippy community, here we have the famous Green
Market Square where hippies sell their creation from clothes to
paintings.  Every year from late June into early July thousands of
people make their way to Grahmstown, a small town in the middle of
nowhere, for the Grahmstown festival.  Every hippy in the country winds
up there sometime time during the 2 week festival.  The festival is
actually an arts festival where plays of all kinds(from miming to
Shakespeare) can be seen, but along with the abundance actors comes the
hippies, hoping to make a profit off the large crowds of tourists and
catch a few laughs at one of the many comedy plays.  The entire town
consists of two main streets and several theatre houses, what space is
not being used for makeshift stages is a hippy market the size of  a
football field.  All those who have been to one of the anual grahmstown
festivals agree on one thing; it gets better every year.  As more and
more people come and the hords of hippies become uncountable the
atmosphere seems to grow in a unique feeling of apreciation for the new
found peace in this unstable country.  As I returned home to Cape Town
after the latest festival I realised that I met more human people from all over south africa than
I had in years of travel.  Its an experience of a lifetime not to be missed. 

Rustlers Valley, South Africa - This is a place where people come together
in peace and selebrate life arts and music. There is also a permanent
comunity there. They have recently had a disaster. A fire destroyed
most of their infrastructure , but they are rebuilding. To find out
more info about this magical place visit their website .

The Himalayas-There are hippies everywhere,man!  Well, in India anyway. I was there from
january to june and they seem to be most concentrated in the himalaya. You can find people high on all sorts of drugs,including the awesome sight of the mountains covered in snow (it was my first time in the snow, by the way and my somewhat awkward attempts at walking up and down
the slopes generated a few laughs from the stoned ones). I was told that being in India is like being stoned without having to smoke anything. It is true! If you're a real hippy you won't want to go to Goa, find your own piece of hippy heaven like I did ,(unless you really MUST go to Goa!!).My
advice for hippies is GO NOW !!!