by Rainsong aged 13

American History
Oh isn't America beautiful
isn't America great
to know that we live in a country
with a history like Kent State
and remember Vietnam?
that left alone many wives & moms
and all the other wars
fought on foreign shores
WWI,WWII with Hitler's
massacre of 6 million jews
and when the young did protest
for what they knew was best
they were shot or silenced or harassed
Black students who fought
for the right to an education
stomped on and beaten
spit on and eaten
alive by the racist good ol' boys
Women who are beaten by men
who are full of beer or gin
who protested to vote
and to get equal pay
for the same work of a day
Well ol' Dylan said
The Times they are a Changin'
and you know he was quite right
but they haven't changed enough
if we've still got racism & sexism
and all that evil stuff
It's up to us the next generation
I issue a challenge to you
to make the world a better place
for black, white
dark, light
those who have no hearing or sight
Gentile or Jew
Billy or Sue

Ode to the Hippie
The Hippie
The 1 who is quite trippy
a tie-dyed little freak
freedom is what they seek
Peace is what they shout
in the 60's this had some clout
The Grateful Dead is the band
that rules across the land
They like bellbottoms too
and the sandal is their shoe
They love Mother Earth
and their lives are filled with mirth
They're lovers of plants
especially a little green herb
which possession of makes jail a chance
Woodstock was their festival
and the music was quite delectable
Hippies are much against hate
except for the one spelled h-a-i-g-h-t
which is paired with Ashbury
Around their necks are love beads
and they always do good deeds
to satisfy someone's needs
Oh, to be a Hippie
far out, groovy and trippy


When will it cease?
The fighting,the bombs,the guns
in the hands of the young
Children starving in Africa
while America's greatest killer is fat
People dying from curable diseases
while teens here have too many drugs

The world is crazy
too many are lazy
to do anything about it
what a word
Hippies use it
Presidents use it
But why do we ignore the power it has?

Feed the needy
Give to the foundation!
All this is great
But until we actually care
and compassion we share
we're nowhere
The 1st peace is inner
Before peace in the middle east or anywhere


O,the freedom we have today
freedom to pray
worship any god we choose
we've got nothing to lose

This country was founded on such grest principles
The constitution is quite sensible
but today I see our freedom taken away
So often,day by day

They have no right to search us
or our VW bus!
They say "we're looking for drugs"
They're just a bunch of thugs

No right to do what we like
no right to smoke our weed
no right to do "the deed"
They make anything a crime
to see us do time

The country was founded for freedom
for everyone
daughter or son
black or white
We shall be free
to determine what we see
what we read
or watch
to smoke weed or scotch