Poems submitted to Hippyland

How I Yearn

How I yearn for your love,
so that we may embrace,
a love all too powerful,
to explain on this page.
Your face is like snow,
so innocent, and serene,
as it melts from the mountain,
and into a stream.
Your body's the rose,
that blooms night and day,
your legs are the petals,
so soft, yet so frail.
Your feet are the wings,
that carry you here,
I'm letting you know,
that my love is sincere.

©Brandon I. Williams
copyright 1995

Age: 24
Occupation: Cook at the Good Samaritan Center(Selby, SD)
Published: October, 1995
Book: “A voyage to remember”

...I wrote this poem about the way hippies are viewed in such a derogatory
way and about walking a mile in someone else's shoes to show that you have at
least been there.  Thanks!  Peace, -Becca

Walk With Me

In a world of conflicting imagery
Where differences never cease to exist
Where mystery provokes disclosure
Where the solemn never tend to resist

You pick apart my peaceful life
And turn it into something in need
Of any element that reflects your own
Goodness describes anyone of your breed

I let myself be criticized
And taken under your disdainful wing
My life is jerked away from me
While yours prospers into a larger thing

I find myself trying to do
All of the things I pledged I would not
I am quickly losing sight of it all
The fun times I constantly sought

At last I feel I can take no more
I am no longer myself, you see
I have been transformed into someone else
Resembling your own way to be

I slip back into my own clothing
Where differences once again prevail
I immediately feel at home again
Though where I am exactly, it's hard to tell

I am sure that I love the uncertain
Where no one is ever to blame
We all falter in the aura of life
And after this are never the same

Why don't you walk along with me
And leave behind all that you know
Our footsteps will tread the psychadelic
Where our minds proceed to grow

Somehow I sense your discomfort
In a place never to be your own
Where nothing is ever in control
But where danger is really not prone

I sense you dislike my sweet surrender
But at least you have walked the walk
We are two separate people
In a different language our spirits talk

I will never force you to stay here
You may return to your own state
But please leave me far behind
This is my heart, my mind, my fate

We continue on our separate paths
With little thought to the past
No longer do we try to change one another
For a new identity will never last.

©1999 Rebecca

by Tisa from Zagreb, Croatia

Today I had a dream made of gold
In that dream I was told,
By a swallow in the sky
That I must come with her and fly
On the summers breeze
While the leaves whisper in the trees,
"Make love not war and think only of peace!"

The Answer
By Robby Bendixen

My son he had a question
in which I had no answer to
so I took off in order to find it
It's been ten tears but I know I'll find it soon

I came upon a wiseman
and asked him to help me through
he told me I was on the wrong track
to start my journey a new

so I climbed the highest peak
I swam the bottomless ocean
to answer my son
the toughest of questions

I found the burning bush
hoping it would answer my prayer
but it told me to go back
and I'll find my answer there

and on my way back
I wished upon a star
it told me I was close
but still had to go far

so I climbed the highest peak
I swam the bottomless ocean
to answer my son
the toughest of questions

Again I saw the wiseman
he said I was on the right trail
if I head back home
I will not fail

Now that I am home
I still have not found the answer
I have to tell my son
that I am a failure

My son, he has grown to be a man
I am suprised he still knows who I am
I tell him all that I have gone through
He looks me in the eye and says

Father, the answer was always you.

I wish I was Stoned

Damn, I wish I was stoned.
I rather like my mind numb.
You can't feel the stress when your slack and dumb.
You can't worry about bullshit cuz it's so far away.
Wish there really was a wonderland and the queen would let me stay.
I'd bide my time with tequila and lime.
Chase away all the madness with a bite of a shroom.
Return to my childhood!
Take a pull off the hooka and watch the flowers bloom.
To hell with worry!
To hell with doom and gloom!
I'd have mushroom tea with the mad hatter.
Hell, he's not as mad as me!
Tell that fucking rabbit he needs to slow down.
And try to just be.
Steal some of his speed and slip him a muscle relaxer or two.
Then me and the cheschire cat would drink some brew.
Til' I was invisible like him, except for my smile.
Filled up with contentment for the next little while.
Now at my little fantasy, please don't scoff.
Just a little trip I like to take on my day off.

Heather Rose Nicole Smythe-poet of the new flower child generation

Whats new pussy cat?

whats new pussy cat?
r u still your old self?
running around with the gang still?
how has life been?

you blow my mind when i see you there
someone else in the same place i was
in your arms
i cry with self pity

i messed it all up
i actually forgot about you
for awhile

i remember how it was
we used to go have lunch out in the park
we picked wild flowers
we danced in wild circles till we were sick

i wanted you to myself
i wanted you to only love me
i wanted to hold you forever
i was selfish with our love

now everything is groovy with me
i have been around
i went with summer to d.c
we saw sunny and dillon there
they are married now
they asked where you were
i cryed
i told them you were back home and that we broke up

i didn't know how i can live any longer without you
so i came back home and here you are still the same
i miss you pussy cat

The Last Ride
Our Journey of Friendship is almost over we're on our very last ride
Oh what great Friends we always were our love we never did hide
Now we're on The bus Our very last. We only have an hour left .
We were riding along sitting together for that hour I slept.
Then I Woke The last Ride was over I had wasted our time.
Our last time together our last Fu*king Ride.
Oh I wasted the time the time we had ill never do it again I swear
Now all that I have is the memories of the times when you were there
- Steve

A Passion so Strong
I have a passion, a passion so strong
A passion for a life, a life that didn't live long
Forever twenty seven
That all she was when she was sent up to heaven
Tell me what it was like, I ask her, to get your angel wings
Tell me about the people, are they treated like queens and kings
Tell me what its like, what its like to fly
Tell me how hard it was, how hard it was to say good bye
Tell me how it is, to look down from your own special cloud
Tell me if you miss the music, the music that played so loud
I tell her she's free now, like a butter fly
And I know you were buried alive, because you, Janis Joplin, will never die
- by Camille age 11
The Loon On The Lake
by Sarah Hart

whisked away into the sky
places where the colours fly
and let me be where only I
can live and breathe in peace.

the sun and the moon
will exchange after noon
while the stars remove gloom
and no one can see life's crease.

but when the rain falls down
no need to pick up your gown
and no place to frown
or carry the night away.

but to enjoy and run in the flowers
release mother nature's powers,
dance in her showers
and choose to leave or to stay.

while you sigh in the breeze
while the world is depressed
you put flowers in your hair
which the wind has caressed.
waiting for the love to come to you dressed
in wide cord bells and a shirt left unpressed.

then the time will come for another connection
where the protection of the heart
loosens for the start
of another beginning.
your heart will be singing
and jumping over rainbows as the stream flows
and ripples like the clouds.

this is when the sky is bluer
and the flowers smell prettier,
colours seem brighter
and smiles become tighter.
you'll see this day
and the willows will sway
under the dome of love
the birds sing louder
and with a swing in their voice
giving the choice to leave
or to stay.

will you stay this way?

the drops of dew fall off the tips
of leaves,
like crystals on the sleeves
of harmony.
the sound of trees rustling
welcomes your ears
erases all your fears
and invites you into the warmth,
like the embrace of peace
over an unaccepting earth.

happiness gives birth
to the stars on a black blanket
stretching across the meandering sky,
rippling like the cry
of the loon on the lake.
don't make the mistake
of turning away.

you are welcome to come here
as long as you will lend your ear
to the word.
love wants you to listen,
and know it is the key
to see the doors of this place.

open your mind
to the thoughts of the kind,
keep yourself from being blind
to the petals unfurled.

when you look really close
and help with your most
you can heal the morose
cry of the world.

Beautiful Dreams
by Kristin Crawford

I wanna lay
In a hazy field of daisies blowing in the breeze
Right beside you, doing anything we please.

I wanna sleep
See watercolored dreams where mirrored oceans seep
Into the sand, your hand in mine.

I wanna fly
Through shimmering stardust gliding in the skies, forever
Our cosmic bodies tangled together.

I wanna dance
Like silvery moonbeams in the night, we'll take a chance
Of being swallowed by the light so beautifully bright.

I wanna kiss
Like angels greeting sunbeams in the morning mist
Our fluttering wings feeling the love it brings.

I wanna meet
Cause these beautiful dreams could never be complete
Without your touch or the gentle feel of your heartbeat.

A Poem of Mindless Chirps. Or not?

You are showered by the bright colors
do they stimulate? Do you allow them to surface
and flow with ease into your dilated pupils?
Your hands are not rubber but you think it so
they melt under your warm breath and form obscure shapes
but what comforts they bring?  What sleep follows?
yet a craving dominates, the yearning for a familiar tongue
maybe from the ground will it sprout, as your other pleasure
but your vision is tainted and rest is required
as your legs are spread on the rough grass,
the cloud smiles with such curiosity
What queerness? never has a cloud smiled as that
there! once more does it once again approach thee
Turn away foolish cloud for the grass is no longer vacant
Its fertile scent is now a possession, but I can share
Run now cloud and go back to your grey dreams
For mine consist of such brilliant colors, you would be incapable of
Chirp fair bird, Allow me to join you
What chirps? Chirps of silver tongues
with kind words that speak to much
and young breasts first born to the sun
with such color, I beg of continuous vision
through the dark of night
and through the mask of my hallusigenic dreams.

Written by fellow hippy, SEAN of FD

by Helia

I'll watch the tide fade, out to sea
Wipe sand from your brow as you fall asleep
I'll pull bullets from the chest
Stay with me
Sleep a while
Remember how to breathe -
I'll teach you how to breathe.
Show me how to breathe.

A look that holds the universe.
A squeeze in the dark
that meant so much, that cold, winter's walk
those few steps to the heavy oak doors
meant more than a thousand love letters
Straight from your heart.

Intertwined like roots
Ages old as we lie on the forest floor
As if life had been like this forever
Butterfly passes
Life passes
And yet I seem to stay forever the same.

You move towards my ear -
you send a chocolate whisper boiling weakly
all through me. And I think -
And I remember.

Impossible to think of it, I know
that anyone could be that smitten
so enchanted, so utterly captivated
by the sound of a name, and a moments' acquaintance.
This female intuition of mine
is not something to be sniffed at.

How strange - sat at the kitchen table
looking at a photograph
of someone that you barely know
when at the same time, he calls . . .
it felt like the ground had fallen away.

Old copies of magazines looking for your face
A lame excuse to call you
A photograph in my wallet
(A week before it should have been)
Sitting in the cold watching an impromptu football match
Calling my brother guru over, and knowing you'd follow.
Knowing you'd follow.
And you did.

What butterflies gripped at my stomach
As a loving arm extends to my shoulders
And gives me
A squeeze in the dark.

And now, when we sit alone
You stare at my bare feet
I imagine all the places I see you:
the directors' chair, on the stage.
I receive your gifts apotheosis
and I think how lucky I am that you're with me.

One day
beneath stormy spray
we'll meet.

Soft the window dives open
and awake, late at night
watching performances
a thousand ghosts who play for me
Alive, inside my head.

I ponder on my perfect life, flawless within the imperfect
Love that kept returning, kept me awake -
kept me alive, through the darkest hours
as now.

Once, I sighed, as asleep,
And turned to lie upon my side,
my back exposed in clear moonlight:
Night disturbed by the rain.
You traced a line down my (almost!) graceful spine
and still I lay, asleep.
As I drifted
I thought I heard you say
"I find I love her still".

I sit, to work, to eat, or merely to be seated.
My mind is preoccupied, and suddenly, from nowhere
a lingering scent at the outside of my nostrils
sniff too hard, and it disappears
but let it linger - let it remain
let it waft around my nose, just out of reach
and stroke my hair, feel my face
run a finger down my nose.
Even when you're not here, you give me those shivers.
Even when you're not here, I can smell you.

A thousand mistakes I make
And my hand in yours you take
call me a klutz, clumsy.
Would you believe it's your presence
that throws my cool, collected exterior

The smell of strawberries
and the feel of sand between my toes
all the things I long for us to see.

To say you are my waking thoughts
my sleeping peace
is no joke.


       Let me take you down
         to a place of enlightenment
         To open your mind
         To feel true freedom
         To feel
         the true meaning of the
         mind,body and soul
         Come forth on to the
         Land of enlightenment
         it's the doorway to the mind
         open your senses
         open your soul
         cause once you go deep into the mind
         your sanity will
         not be anymore
         you can not blame
         or shame yourself
         this world has gone senseless
         to true peace
         to true love
         they have lost their reality of living
         So come to the
         Land of enlightenment

            by:shaun P.

The In Between

The days of the unknown passages
Through life and death
Through smiles and pity
I am the medium
The middle of the unknown and known
I am the one you question
Through dreams and thoughts
The questions that parents ignore
The questions teachers ask for eternity
I am the one who no one will ever understand
For I am the in between
The closet full of millions of unknown answers
You have to dream it up
Walk on through
Open the door


Let Me Sleep
by Sarah

Water falling
Tears calling
Open arms
Blood escaping
Paint pouring
Falling stars
Broken arms
Feeling death
Learning to soon
Not enough air
I can't breath
Where is the pain
That's captured me
Expressions on paper
Painted with hands
Cold air blowing
From a beaten fan. . .


From dusk till dawn, I have ears that ring with thoughts of every
sunset, comes a cry of someone dying with pain of a lost love.
Yet, at every rising of the moon comes a sky, free of clouds and dreary
thoughts; a new loved one arises from the mothers womb.
As the newcomer arises the cry of pain disperses as though never there,
and it disappears unto a cry of hope, love and better things to come, as
though welcoming the arisen newcomer unto the endless plains of our
As it does it opens the arms and eyes of all, and awaits the next
setting of the sun...


many people will get along if they go to the special place where
the grass is green and the trees are tall.
they can discard all fears.
it is a pristine new world beneath the blue sky.
nobody is frightened,
no war is evident.
everyone is dancing around the flowers,
with their hands interlocked.
and they are happy.
everyone i know is there,
i was there,
but now i am here.
the sky is blue here,
but not like the sky
in the new world.
i want to go there again.
everyone had smiles on their faces.
you do not have to watch out,
not a fear to be found.
i cannot go there anymore.
i do not know why.
i need to know why.
i feel alone here,
everyone i know is there.
                             someone set me free.

copyright 1998, Nicholas Adam Davis  (bigfoot@dreamsoft.com)

dance in the light of the moon
swirl in its presence.
its waves carry you
to where you cannot see.
it is bright and dark
and pleasure and horror.
sing to the tune of the tide
as it hums its gentle song.
wash away among the gentle waters
of the moon's caressing pull,
where paradise is just a fingertip away.
    ~by starlight

by Lauren Sweetman
in your face
reaching out
grasping at your thoughts
prying open your skull
They go for
the deep
most intimate
poking at your brain
with a fire poker
walking all over you
stepping on your lightbulbs
until darkness engulfs you
silence screams
so that's what it's like.

My Princess: Elegant Rudeness
She sits in a sad slouch,
A sulking princess,
A mourning queen.
A sad darkness hides in her sighing eyes.

Skylight of infinite spectrum,
Envelopes her petite body.
An aura of purity, yet sadness.
She carries herself with a regal grace.

She tosses her shimmering hair behind her royal crown.
She reaches up with an elegant finger,
And sovereignly picks her nose.

By: Legion Marks

(a poem about John Lennon by Dana)

         Sitting alone at the piano,
         Smoking a cigarette,
         Almost wishing it was a joint,
         Then he wouldn't be so afraid.
         Singing his soft, sweet melodies,
         That he knows,
         The world will twist,
         And make into something ugly,
         "That's not what I meant at all."
         He says it over and over,
         His words, they misinterpret,
         Running from lover to lover,
         Finding none who loves the real man.
         Inside sits the songwriter,
         Crying against the keys,
         The ink runs down,
         Destroying the words like fire.
         In the end, at his death we grieved,
         For a lonely songwriter,
         And the words he conceived.

Sunny's Flowers of Blood
Sun flower Sun Flower growing in the snow right there where no one can see
a girl in the window she lives alone but maybe I'd say she was me.
Someone help me! Take me outta my misery! Set me Free! Get me outta here!
Give me room and let me breath.
That flower is dying blue
I am too
Just like a flower it's not in my power.
I'm a sad little being.
That flower is all I am seeing.
I'd like to think peace and love
But the grounds as white as a dove.
I live in this castle all alone
after living like this it's not worth a bone
For right now I'll stay
I'll not leave until middle may.
This cold is killing me
I'll just let that be
until I can find my future's key.

Why has peace become outdated,
Only to be replaced by prejudice and hatred?
Love and Happiness is all we need,
but it's too late now for this world to succeed.
We will become the dying race,
with burn scars and bullet holes to everyone's face.
"Stop the wars" we cry but it's too late,
for everyone to become sedate.
We'll all die but not as fast as this world,
all our hopes and dreams have become broken and blurred.
For if this world cannot start rebirth,
I will go down with the face of the Earth.

The spirit of my Immortality
was holding me close to him
"Don´t leave", he said, "or you´ll lose yourself"
That´s what he said, whispering

So I answered, leaving his lap
"I need to live on my own.
How I´m supposed to lose myself,
if I´ve never done and known?"

And as I left, leaving him there
I forget things he said and did
Just imagine, how I´m supposed to die
if I never lived?

By ButterFly

I´m sure there are thousands of poems of crying and sorrow
They are the Marks of Our Time, the Path we´ll always follow
I´m sure many words have been said of furstration and the Pain of missing
but no one ever admits, they are only words of Our Memory
A thing slowly disappearing

Golden tear in an Silvery eye
which never blinks, but will always cry
Does it have any meaning in Our Minds
if it´s always sad, or it´s imagination always flies?
It is Our Spirit where the Truth lies.

If the Winter´s here, will You need?
Or shall You fade Your feelings
as You burn in Your unuseful greed?
I won´t cry
as I know the Soul of the Seasons
I don´t need to worry for my Spirit
or search for empty Reasons...

By ButterFly

A poem to izzy
In here this huge world,
people leave and people die,
leaving us alone in this huge world
Alone outside a sunset that no one sees,
sure i am there But no one to share it with,
no one to remember it with does it matter?
Alone inside in my room just nothing here,
I'd rather be alone outside but that is pointless to isn't it?
Then you came along we are together inside it is nice to be with you,
we remember stuff together we laugh and talk,
we'er together outside sharing the sun the ground the wind,
Oh these memories count we will share them later.
You were there you saw what i saw we have that day know.
Im not so alone now .
not everyone's leaving not everyone's dying.
When i'm with you izzy.

The Music I Came From
The music seeps into my mind,
It closes my eyes,
And cloaks me in a blanket of understanding.
It tingles my fingers,
And warms my heart,
My blood starts to flow,
My life begins to start.
The instruments weave my hair,
As the voice colors my eyes,
The whole of it creates my soul,
The music holds my cries.
The music I can hear all the time,
As it seeps into my eyes and closes my mind.

I wish there was a revolution,
For I feel the need to revolt,
I should have been alive thirty years ago,
Would I still be the odd one?
I wish I could find people like me,
I feel so out of place.
Everyone mocks me in their tone,
I wish I could back to were I came.
In a heaven I wish to seek there I may rest.
I may find souls like to mine,
I may be free, I may be fine.
Take me there to that revolution.

Close to Hell
Her hands are cold her face is white
Her eyes are shut to Life  and Light
She lies  not beneath  a graven stone
but a slender cross of wood  Alone
You came for me took her instead
I was willing but now she's dead
I knew her not so long Now I know her well
though she is far away for I'm so close to Hell
Garth Pickett

Here Today
The Spanish Translation
Aqui Hoy
mañana NO SE
by Nate DiNardo
email: ll_rain@hotmail.com
     Flowers blowing in the breeze,
     listen to the buzzing of the bees.
     While the sun shines 'cross the leaves
     Feeling so alive and free
     But soon it will be tomorrow,
     which fades to memory,
     don't know how much longer we can stay free.
     Enjoy the day
     Water washes 'cross the shore,
     People shout and laugh for joy.
     Birds fly away to infinity,
     world's so happy and care-free
     But soon it will be tomorrow,
     which fades to memory,
     don't know how much longer we can stay free.
     Enjoy the day
     See some swings,
     'member soaring like a bird,
     so innocent and free...
     think I go for a swing
     But soon it will be tomorrow,
     which fades to memory,
     don't know how much longer we can stay free.
     Enjoy the day

Floatin down a yellow stream
Silver spots caught in the gleam
Coming to my paradise
Look around, things sure seem nice
I can see for miles afar
Dew is sprinkling from the stars
Rainbow light is glistening
To enclose us as we sing
Waving hair, flashing feet
Smiling faces are all you'll meet
This is our journey to the moon
To help escape from the gloom
Feel the warmth from the Earth
Stick your toe in, it won't hurt
Memories all in the past
Better make your nighttime last
Melodies vibrate in your head
Strum the air with the Dead
Purple waves and candlelight
Come on in, its alright
Allison Eanes(tyedyed.vw@mailexcite.com)

Nice, loving, looking like Santa
Seeing all as brother and sister
You may never feel it
Nice, always giving
Being humble, aware, thankful
Seen as a hippie, you smile
Nice seeing you, nice being seen
The sixties brought us the hippie
Hippie thought:  love ya all
Spirit sighting happened, and
lives hidden to most of us
Among hundreds, some
Men and women live life
Like stars
Hippie thought:  free love
Jim is truly one
The hippie spirit lives among men like Hippie Jim
By: Rick Slottow

~*A Hippy With A Guitar*~
by Summer
I'm just a hippy with a guitar
Wondering where other hippies are
I live in my birkenstocks
I love peace signs, and my pet rocks
Just a hippy with a guitar
I'm just a hippy smilin' at you
Wonderin' if you want peace like I do
I live in my bell bottom jeans
I love happiness, and have many dreams
Just a hippy smilin' at you
I'm just a hippy giving a peace sign with my hand
Wonderin' if I'm the only hippy left on this land
I live in my tie-dye shirts
I love butterflies, and long flowing skirts
I'm just a hippy giving a peace sign
I'm just a hippy going with the flow
Wondering how long my hair will grow
I live in my VW, painted with flowers
I love being free, and love flower power
I'm just a hippy with a guitar.

 My Favorite Place
by Devin Evix
There's the most wonderful place I like to go
with clouds that move quite slow,
in gloomy woods that loom and lurk
with frogs that hide among the murk,
of the solitude water's edge.
Crickets chirp with merry voices
in quick ring.
Where birds sing, with sharp sounding babble,
a song that has once been but now is gone.
Where flowers of all kinds bloom
among the mixed and dreary gloom,
of the forest.
Where many a tree has come and gone,
and not a nother live is spent
among the forest's melancholy ways
where many have sought to find a day
when they could escape to the murk of water deep,
and find another forest in dark dream sleep,
When a loud and blustering wind calls,
and all the leaves begin to fall,
it is autumn.
The leaves drift ,sail,dance, and whirl in the whailing wind,
and laugh at the funny acorns drop.
" They can't sail and dance like us "said they.
" They just can't  laugh and play.They aren't American in that way."
"  Oh,what funny things they are."
All these thing make collages among the ground,
and lately I have found...
they make up my favorite place.

Perfect Day


Lament To A Dying Bong
O! Bong, lie thee dying in my hands
You encompass all magic lands
Touch your smokey fingers to my heart
And spiral off to unknown arts
I cradle you with love and flame
That I might feel your kiss again
Yet shrink thee from my brazen fire
With sullen breaths you fade - expire.
Hope Is Alive

Shine Your brightest colors
hold each other's hands
guide us to to the light of peace
as we travel through this land.

Lead us away from war,
where innocent people die,
Guard us from the corruption
that's taking all our lives.'

Let's all join together
and form a giant band
we'll play our tambourines
and sing across the land

with flowers in our hair
peace we'll declare
as we hold each other's hands
and pass love through the land.

Peace, love and laughter
Jamie Alexander
Alberta, Cananda

by Jen

The radio talks like a voice with no heart
Yet the anguish burning in me is only the start
Tonight I am worried of my math and what it means to lie
Tonight countries are at war and innocent people will die

I saw a war movie, when the blood came I had to turn away
A wise man might say there's irony, but I'll look for it another day
Worring won't do anything, yet I feel guilty changing the subject matter
The guilt makes it all worse and the situation sadder

JFK and Trudeu promised the useless fighting would end
And now thirty years later we still cannot be friends
Not that I could understand, I've been told I'm so young
Funny how people my age are being taught to use a gun

I have my own CD player, and a nice warm bed
The gratitude I feel can't and will never be said
I'm going to sleep now, to shut off my mind
With only hope somehow, soon we will learn to be kind

by Honeybud Weedwhacker

"Please appease and follow the rules please!
  If you do not follow them, we will CONDEMN! and PUNISH!
  No one can break us, for we are the JUST(?)! The Righteous!"

"Ah no! I disagree," says the Wise Weed Man to the authority. You are not wise for you have no red eyes, your skies-- not especially blue 'cause no one taught you
                 THE POWER OF THE HERB!!!
Do not condmen me for what you are not brave enough to do!
   Your comprehension is in dire need to be opened with my stash of cystalized weed!"

"Sir, you are speaking silly nonsense, please stand attent whilst I commence to arrest you!," authoritively the      authority authorized.

Calmly Wise Weed Man did stand while the authority
   bound his hands....
BUT THEN! in a puff of toke smoke, Wise Weed Man was an
    invisible joke.
When the smoke cleared, the authority was all stoned and weird and Wise Weed Man was no where to be found!

by Honeybud Weedwhacker

Yea though I walk
through the valley of ignorance,
I shall fear no evil...

Instead, I will march with my head high and being high,
I  shall join forces with those who are
sick  of all this talk about a bad thing.
This herb is not even close to the
hypocrisy  that worships the almighty and man-made    dollar.
Yes Mr. Suited Slut, you will whore no more on my rights  to pursue my happiness

by Saz

It wanders over the earth
watching, listening -
To the songs and dances
Of the people
It helps them in danger
But not when white man come.
He watches the destruction
Of the land
He watches the tears of the people flow
He tries to help
He does not succeed
THe spirit of the Thunderbird dies,
Goes away -
The red man is lost forever.

Purple era
bY GIpsy

Drifting away into the air,
The world seems  bare.
Facists' I  dislike,
Hippies' are my type.

Happy people smiling,
Taking dope, enjoying.
Free love for all,
Take a cool fall.

Who are we?
Wait and see...

PLay  It COol...peace...
Dig my webpage - http://www.gre.ac.uk/~pa807 

Without Nature
By Sheena

What would we do without nature?
Without the ocean, so calm and serene
Without the grass, so smooth and green
Without the stars so bright with gleam
Without the wind, so pure and clean
Without nature where would we be?