Two Poems about Mother Earth

Mother Earth is on the brink,
like a ship one day will sink,
we can control it's sail today,
but what unfolds,
we can not say,
let's get real,
with what we've got,
a group of interest,
yet, not a lot,
If peace is really where we shot,
no one could miss,
for it's easily caught,
an idea, word, give it all you got,
the last try is coming soon,
we've tried this planet,
what's next the moon?

I had a love for peace and living,
never knew what was the gift of giving,
till once I heard a man who singing,
shared the hope for a world worth living,
Imagination fills the heart so willing,
If we all open our hands,
and share what's spilling,
it's love and life and peace were killing,
because it's pouring out,
yet none recieving,
look around, what's truly living?
our mother earth is where we need start giving
not taking away her right for living,
let's get together, and see the light,
it only takes a different sight, peace,
yes peace, were all, quite right,
yet all alone we can not fight,
so let's all come together and do what's right!

LOVE, Mother Earth