The majesty of the mountain, with its conquerable peak,
Boldly echoes the peaceful existence we seek.

The spray of the ocean where together, we'll wade,
Will dance on our faces like a misty parade.

The wildflowers we'll pick from meadows so pure,
Will envelop us with aromas to forever endure.

When songs fill the air from the birds up above,
We'll translate their melodies into a language of love.

As we gaze at the wonder of the giant red trees,
The sun will fall slowly, and we'll feel the soft breeze.

Welcoming the nightfall, oh how we'll dance,
Embraced by the moonbeams, we'll succumb to a trance.

And as we hold each other tightly by the glow of a fire,
It'll burn with intensity only matched by our desire.

But until this day, when our souls truly become free,
I'll wait for you my love, under the stars in my dream.

Written by: Little Tree (
Dedicated to my soulmate