by Sheno

love is in the air 
love is everywhere
lust forever more
brought within the core

freedom made us live
took us through a sieve 
made us different 
though without a cent

poor we were but full
of pride and rights 
rich on freedom, love and light

we were fighting 
through the lightning 
for the peace of all 
and the rights to call our own

                     Every Right

I've got every right to be angry
but my anger just brings me down
I've got every right to be selfish
but there's too much greed around

I won't take what's being offered
what do I want with all their pain
So I will render unto Caesar
I have so much more to gain

For a peace of my mind for a peace of my soul
I will give all I've got I will lose all control
If I love with my heart if love without fear
I will shine in the dark I will laugh I through my tears

We've got every right to rebellion
to achieve what we demand
We've got every right to replace them
the Revolution is at hand

But we will not take up weapons
we'll make love instead of war
And when they cut us down in hatred
we must love them even more

For a peace of my mind for a peace of my soul
I will give all I've got I will lose all control
If I love with my heart if I love without fear
I will shine in the dark I will laugh through my tears

They've got every right to deny me
for I'm just a dangerous fool
They've got every right to jail me
for breaking all their rules

But there is something they've forgotten
in all their military might
As they cast their fearful shadows
they are revealed to the light

For a peace of my mind for a peace of my soul
I will give all I've got I will lose all control
If I love with my heart if I love without fear
I will shine in the dark I will laugh through my tears

Martin V. Hippie

Question Authority

If a law is bad
and a man is good
Then a man must do
what he knows he should

If the man is strong
and the man is true
Then a law won't stop
what he's got to do

I believe in justice
and I believe in right
Although I am a peaceful man
I won't give up the fight

When leaders become liars
and their power becomes greed
We must struggle for our freedom
we must harvest our own seed

If a God is real
and a soul is free
Then we each must choose
who we're going to be

For a nation's flag
or an army's might
Will not change the truth
of what you know is right

I believe in honor
and I believe in trust
I'm a law abiding citizen
but I'll change that if I must

I will never hurt another
I will never cheat or steal
But I'll follow my own vision
and I'll fight to make it real

I am going to make it real

                                        Martin V. Hippie

Innocent Blood

Death amongst solemn, sober skies,
Each person had many tears to cry.
Many held an innocent love,
All bled the colour of innocent blood.

Tears swept away by the pouring rain,
Lives torn and broken, never living again.
For just one moment, one moment in time,
No one believed that the sun would shine.

Fearless in battle, strong minded and hearted,
Grieving to the world as they slowly departed.
Each ached for the sight of a peaceful dove,
Instead of the colour of innocent blood.

Do we all wish and do we all pray,
Not to live the short life that they lived that day.
Does not each person want peace and love?
Is love found only in the colour of innocent blood.

SM 98

by Starider

How long does it take,
For compassion to die?
Hatred leads to violence,
And makes the soul cry.

Embrace each human moment,
In a sea of spirit.
Unconditional love is calling,
Allow yourself to hear it.

Wisdom listens for truth,
Saves it for future growth.
Give more than you take,
Share your message of hope.

by Greywing

A wandering soul......
Drifts upon a world.....
Seeing the cold......
Wishing for the light of
the awaiting gold.....
To warm and love.........
Soothing upon the wings
of a dove...........

The world is a slave, binding
and shaping.....
For fear or forsaking....
Loving and releasing, amidst
merriment and peacing......

Let's unify the one ....
To cast out the shadows, and
let the light in.......
Of a nurturing sun.........

The Hippie's Call... 
by Donna (Blebo suncloud) :-) 
Tripping, skipping, flying, falling
Can you hear the hippies calling?
Meditating and incense burning
Getting high, so keep on turning.
Keep on smoking, and smoke some more
Keep the peace and make no war
Have no fear, so stand up tall
Can you hear the hippie's call?
Emotional Nakedness

by Ida Mälarstig

Sitting in the land of broken shields,
In the city of emotional souls,
With no social games to play,
No false surface of expects,
A naked human that people respects,

No one's part of social classes,
No one's poor-no one's rich,
White and black living side by side,
The minorities has nothing to fear,
They don't judge people after how they look here,

People crying in front of others,
People loving in front of others,
People see the truth and don't suspects no one,
No hidden feelings that causes pain in silence,
No restrained, covered hate that comes out in destructive violence,

Lonely lies are starving,
They are no more used,
Saying what you mean, everybody sees your true purpose,
The truth could be painful, but without growing doubts for hearts to drown 
and die in,
A naked world gives you the possibility to unit soul and skin.

Your trouble with communication will be less,
If we lived in a world of emotional nakedness,
A world without unreached social expectations,
No misunderstood relations.

by Jesse

Under a setting sun
Watching a blind world
    through two open eyes.
Fish swim
Birds fly
But we can only walk.
Earth covered
In garbage
And cement
A once proud world
Now covered in our shitty tears
Our greed
Our mind's of nothing.
Raising children to become "normal"-
To be a greedy asshole.
New minds born everyday
What for?
Only to be destroyed.
Two young ants on the ground
Have nothing to worry about.
Two young children walking on two feet
If they only knew. . .
Fish swim
Birds fly
Why can't I?
I could
Maybe we all could
If only we wanted to.
As babies can only barely see
As they get older try to fly
But get back up and try again
And as they get older fly high as the world.
We fall without trying and don't even 
    try to get
We can change the world
If we only wanted to.
We could go back to a world
    of peace
                   and freedom
Of no war or greed.
There are some who try to return to this lost world
But why not all?
If your not with them your against them
And if your against them your against 
    your own life.
So where am i?
Am i home? 
All i can do now is watch this long river of stars
And hope to find
My true way home

by Jesse

In a small bottle
Sailing across the sea
Is where mine is at.
As one person loves another
I am lost
God help me
I gotta fly
Love strikes like lightning.
As I fly lost in the sky
It'll strike me down
And I'll fall to the ground
And awaken later
To find myself in a shady grove
Over by where the grass grows tall.
Grass always tries to grow
But we're always cutting it down.
There is a place
Where the grass grows tall
And the wind always blows
And a stream always flows
And the birds always sing
And nobody is king
And nobody is more
And nobody is less
And nobody is down
And there is no ground
To crash down on.
I've never been there
But I know there's a doorway:

Two Poems 
by Kathy Swanson

Please Allow Me To Introduce myself

Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm just a simple girl
Torn emotions pulling this way and that
Anger churning from deep within

Fear erupts my every being 
Unwillingly I submit
I'm drowning in pools of hatred and lust
Anxious for it to end

Alone, afraid
Struggling to be brave
The darkness, the night
Overwhelmed with fright

The quiet is harsh
The stillness to strange
But looking around,
I know nothing has changed

A Drop of Magic, A Drop of Hope

Are the raindrops wishes
falling gently to the ground
Spreading their magic
to those all around

Or could the raindrops be tears
from the heavens above
Are the angels crying 
for those whom they have loved

Do the raindrops hold the secrets 
that we try to find 
And when we seek out answers
do the raindrops really mind

Maybe God sent the raindrops
as a lesson to us all
Though one so very tiny
together an unbeatable wall

Tree Song

Oh beautiful tree, I sing of thee
In green familiar pastures stay,
Where cows and horses graze all day
I hope the tree
Will sing to me

-Elisabeth Haynes

by Katy Turner


                                  Sweet, strong, is music.
                                  Ah - so soulful and feeling.
                                  Carrying you far.


                                   But out of the ashes,
                                   Renewed vigor - courage is borne.
                                   Pure. Unfaltering.

                                   Our spirits are bold.
                                   Full of fire, strength and fighting.
                                   Fearless. Unafraid.

    New World.
    Always seen through eyes of the old.
    Too busy on what could be to be at peace with what is. 

    By just shaping around the old nothing is whole.
    So look around at what you see 
    Before you piss on yet another tree. 
                                -Paul Parsons

by Eman

Fighting to get through this state of confusion.
Only wondering if I'll ever win.
Living in a bitter world of delusions.
Where hate is a deed and love is a sin.

I wonder if things will ever really change?
Cuz I can't live keeping on this fight.
For living in confusion is sometimes strange.
Why do I go left, when everyone's gone right.

Slowly I'm drowning in confusion's ocean.
People see me but they don't seem to care.
To them I'm just a victim of emotion.
When all I need is a breath of fresh air.

by Eman

Believe in the birds who sing in the morning
Believe in the bright stars that shine in the night
Believe in the romance of a moonlit evening
Believe in the love that glows like candlelight

Believe in the sun that never fails to shine
Believe in the waves of the giving blue sea
Believe in everything you like to call "mine"
Believe in the dreams you'd really love to see

Believe in the freshness of rain that's heaven sent
Believe in what the future's going to give
Believe in the past that took you to this present
Believe in the life you've been given to live

by Lindsay Walker

close the eyes onto the hate,
and feel the pull of nature
sing unto the joys of youth
and feel the inner wealth
dance in tune with jerry
smile at the clouds--
laugh for no spoken words
but for the only trip.
ride on the waves of time
and look into all eyes
feel the pain that must heal
and hold a hand to life

The Warrick Factor 

Feelin' half conscious 
 And whiskeyed obnoxious 
Seeing with one eye closed 
 To objection 
Convention, surely is not 
 His obsession 
Regression is all too near 
 Just don't fear 
He'll make it out of here 
 Through strength of one more beer. 

             copyright 1998 Cuyucon Productions 

by Kira  Moon

i watch you in fearless freedom
dancing, wildly, to that congo beat, 
the beat that radiates throughout your soul
i watch you sing, sweet rhythms of forgotten days, 
a forgotten revolution
today seemed like just another, 
just another series of breaths and chatter
and as i sit on the summer baked grass and watch other people destroy their world
you are moving like a rainbow silken scarf in the wind
you surrendered and opened up your heart
you listen to the music as it steals your soul 
and for this brief moment, you are free!

Several Poems
by Shannon

I finished a book today

I sighed and smiled as I set it down

then I felt as if tears would fall

as I realized

never would I read the book again

as if it were fresh 

and new

I smiled at the sun today

as I ate a red apple

knowing only the warmth on my face

and the sweetness in my mouth


I get strange looks as I walk

through the stores

the streets

why should I try to blend in

when I do not feel things the way others do?


Life is a gift

only to be given

and taken away

by itís creator


 I felt an antís bite

on my arm this morning

as I lay in the sun on a blanket outside

angry I pressed it between my fingers

and later felt bad

about the small life I had taken


When will this house


like a home?

Will I be gone

before it happens?


A round face

encircled with curls

and a mole on the chin

makes me long for friends

by Stedno

         Floating so gracefully
            On a slight 
                       Summer's breeze
            Colors shimmering
                       On it's velvety wings
So delicate
So sensitive
So winsome
       As it wanders 
            On it's way
       In it's simple beauty
           Can't you see
The butterfly

The Story of The Skunk Monkeys.
by Adoni 'Sun' Patrikios

There was once a question asked of me, 
Of what it is I truly see,
That I fear to tell all others,
The questioner thinking of sort of gossip.
So I settled into my seat,
And began the rather difficult feat,
Of explaining my unusual discovery,
Of the tiny red Skunk Monkey.
"When I had smoked a tad too much,
And as such was feeling quite as such,
I started to gaze into my stash,
To see  what lay within it's wraps.
To my urgent surprise I saw,
A little creature, red, but more,
Glowing like my eyes were then,
Brightly playing in my hand.
The monkeys are but 2 mm high,
They can fit into the smallest sigh,
For they bestowed upon my self,
A story of amazing wealth.
The Monkeys took me  to their home,
The place they have the right to roam,
A little cottage in Oman,
Where they sit and chat and generally calm.
They came to existence just before,
I looked for them and so they bore,
The pains of all new societies,
Namely that they have no paniety
They never thought that they were bred,
But rather that they just became.
And their job in life is just to hunt,
Inside our skunk,
Searching always for their enemies
The lesser spotted Skunk Bumblebee.
Inside all that furry Green,
They protect us from a nasty sting,
Which make one go into a fit,
Of pain, but coz your stoned also bliss.
They take the bees and squeeze their honey,
And eat if for their tea,
Skunk bumblebee honey is so sweet,
Humans just can't taste it,
But the monkeys see life differently,
They live to eat the honey.
The honey is their bane,
And so you think they might complain,
Honey, but instead they just proclaim,
As they trudge through the undergrowth of skunk,
The sing this little song,

'We live for honey and we
are truly skunk monkeys.
Oh yeah we live for honey,
Because it's just so god-dam mmmm.
We want Skunk Honey,
>From Skunk Bumblebees,
We live because we do so,
That is our philosophy.'

In so doing, the monkeys live in peace,
But still have a heaven,
To do with you and me,
For every monkeys dreams,
That one day while out hunting
They'll be picked off and crumbled,
And smoked and inhaled and absorbed,
So that they can be at one,
With their beloved,
The wonder skunk honey,
In it's purest, purest form.

Intoxicating venom
Of true love's first kiss
Bind and condemn me
Fall dead at my breast
Undignified maiden
Star stricken by lust
But fearing and never
Endearing his trust
Lay running, lay tearing
The heart from the chest
In the boldest of hours
The greediest jest
Make crying, make pain
Against the command
Like a heart left dying
Unfeeling in hand
        - Jannyfire

Lonely and Confused
  By Todd Marney  Meenkaboy@yahoo.com

I am so lonely and confused
Looking through a window to the world of hate
Not knowing what to say or do to free myself once more
Now knowing it will never be the same
I try to break the chains holding me in
To run-away and escape the hurt and pain
Being so close to freedom I can taste it on the tip of my tongue
When I reach out for a gasp of air of sweet freedom
I am once again taken over by the devil
Looking into the devil's eyes and weakened over it's power over me
Once again being confused and lonely
I follow it's path once more into the empty and lonely world.

Dear Mr. Blair 
Imagine a world without peace, 
You don't need to though. 
It's already here. 
E.G: Here to stay is the Kosovo crisis. 

Cancel world debt, 
Legalize cannabis, 
Ban fox hunting, 
Maximize the minimum wage. 

Tax the wealthy, 
End poverty, 
Ban racist parties, 
Stop Uni. fees. 

Only and when the above is achieved 
And only then and not before, 
I will gladly vote for you. 

Composed by gipsy 

30 April 1999 

This Morning
by Sam

Woke up this mornin' feelin' like shit,
first thing on my mind: gotta get a hit.
Took the cushions off my sofa lookin' for change in the cracks,
always lookin' at what could be and never at the facts.
Skin all clammy like a Thanks-giving bird,
can't think straight and I mumble my words.
Eyes dart about like fish in a tank,
my room looks like a fuckin' squat all fetid and rank.

Mother in ICU
by Rainstar

Seeing someone half dead,
Lots of things run through my head.
The only thing that's seriously wrong,
Is it has been my mother all along.
Oh, how I would miss her if she goes,
I would cry and cry and blow my nose.
But it is ok, all over now,
She got through, I do not know how.
She had a twisted bowel and reoccurring cancer,
I asked why, but no one had an answer.
I prayed to God, I prayed and prayed,
I asked Him to keep her and she stayed.

by Mouse

Its strange
How comforting
The dust and air

Blown to cover
Shield and hide
Me from them and them from me

Its a shame the breeze keeps blowing
My covers growing thin

@-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-}

O faith that sleeps with the light on
I can't wait to become you

Your eyes weep in idolitry for your last sin
Your ears hear truth yet you spit venom
Your hands feel the difference
But you are not aware

I can't wait to become you

Look but don't see
Hear but don't listen
Talk but don't speak
Touch but don't feel

O faith that sleeps with the light on

Fear all and trust none
Hate through this
Make demons

O faith that sleeps with the light on
I can't wait to become you

@-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-} @-}

Night stood victorious 
As the day bled its last
The lonely star I saw
was the only tear shed
For the loss of sun

the twist being the surprise attack
I knew was being planned for the dawn