by Lindsay Marie Taylor

I hear the sound of rhythmytic drums as I awake to the mad laughter of cave people.  I think of reasons as my thoughts fade away into hallucinations and silly words.  Freedom flickers in the light above me.  I crave the light and I arise.  I sort myself back together and run away to my lair.  My world screams of colors and evase poems. I reflect off of the walls that speak of anarchy.  The walls with eyes and ears and a great many secrets.  My wishes fall from the ceiling like beaded raindrops.  This is the day of thanks and I am left searching.

And I will journey whatforth into every morning sky,
And I will battle hate, for this love shall never die.
Someday someone may cross my path with the ocean in their eyes,
And I will love them forever, for forever never dies.

            To the place of dreams,
            this life to the end,
            Beyond the weavers of creation,
            where one's light can blend.
            Whereath fear cannot tread,
            where stranger greats with a kiss,
            Journeying forevermore
            closer and closer to bliss. 

            I look at the sun pour down on the earth
            I witness death, I witness birth.
            I feel the wind in the sky
            I watch clouds live, I watch clouds die.
            Wandering, searching, across the land
            Walking barefoot in the sand
            Nothing to guide me but inner peace,
            All hate must stop, all anger must cease.
            During the dawn I take in the light
            I dwell in the magick of the night.
            Always searching for a new sight
            I am a free bird always in flight.
            Three blackbirds, a wish and a word,
            My whispers in the wind are always heard.
            The sun goes down, dark becomes Earth,
            I witness death, I witness birth.

            I speak to you on this blessed day,
            Oh blessed Mother,
            Oh Goddess day.
            I see your spirit in the wind,
            The trees that move,
            And my love I send.
            The blue sky that I see above,
            My eyes are trapped and I feel your love.
            Cause you are here with me everyday,
            Every moment in every way.
            I see your majick in the clouds above,
            Your peace within an enchanted dove.
             And to you I send my love.

            A night of fright
            A day of play
            Cannot I live
            The simple way?
            I am but a little star
            Speaking to you from afar.
            I am wild and spontaneous,
            Crazy laughter, the monsters hanus.
            Being thrown into a pool real cold,
            Would make this world free, not cold.
            I cannot put myself together,
            My physical world is like a feather.
            In my mind I will always be
            And to all of you who think you know me
             I to you am as blind as see.

            Whispers of thoughts pass through my mind
            The standards of words make me blind
            Complecated Messages make a mystery
            If I cannot break through the standards
            It will end in misery
            What does it mean in everyday
            There is a difference in what people think
            and what they say
            I want to be free, free as a bird
            I want to speak and be heard
            I cannot go on in a world of fiction
            Because soon this world will become an addiction
            My words may be fire in an ocean of water
            I am still a child, the unheard daughter
            I could run, be free and roam
            but who would love me when I have no home
            I could jump, be dead and fall
            but what good would dead be when no one knew me at all
            Whispers of thoughts pass through my mind
            It would be so much easier to not care and be blind

            Divine is the sense with which I hold
            My world of fears is not old
            Transparant days and eyes of lies
            Wicked sinner revitalize
            Be now yourself and run from fame
            Adore the master the birth of flame
            Wish of moons and ancient means
            And flourish on your sandy seas
            You cannot hide above the flask
            Too far the wicked that uphold the mask
            Drink from the flowers that gave you a name
            And follow not the filthy game
            Who forever must hide the blame?

            As the ocean passes through my mind
            I listen to the rain falling from the sky
            These words they are speaking I do not understand
            I live in this universe while they live on the land
            Violets the sky-
            And the world is not coming to an end
            And I do not have to pretend, my friend
            Violets in the sky
            As I sit in this blessed place
            The blood rushes through me that killed the righteous race
            The lady she stands holding onto fire
            She would kill the tainted truth before the purest liar
            Violets in the sky- 
            And the world all they do is pretend
            And the lady she just sits and cries, and dies.
            Violets in the sky