The autumn faeries wish you well
having stories they do tell
of the leaves as they change and glow
falling to the forest floor below

How each leaf in its glory
over time will tell a story
Whispering words to those who live
with the elements, that do give
one a sense of endless time
of the joy to dance and rhyme

They do tell of winds that blow
of sparkling ice and driven snow
Spring rains that melt to warm within
of sap to flow and growth begin

Green so bright, to make one sing
Golden sunlight on a hummingbird's wing
Throughout the forest all is new
Bluebells and Trillium to name a few . . .

The faeries dance and tell their story
of autumn leaves in allegory
Sharing what they live and know
of the journey, life's ebb and flow
They pass the day in good measure
with magic, beauty, love and pleasure

But ~ in the night they do dance
in shimmering moonlight, they do entrance
Joining all who come to hear a story
of autumn leaves in all their glory

In this winter wonderland
the faeries take you by the hand
Treading softly on sparkling snow
sharing stories as they go

Snowflakes fall in jewel-like rain
as you climb, as you gain
Evergreens, stately and tall
shelter creatures, one and all

Enter the forest, all is still
gone the rose, the daffodil
Yet the faeries carry on
though the flowery blooms are gone

Weaving cloth of magic as they sing
thanking winged spirits that do bring
feathers bright and berries sweet
to share with all that they might meet

A special kinship faeries share
with creatures magical and rare
They bring their essence and their love
to all below and all above

In the splendor of the season
there is time to dream and reason
time to celebrate in joyful dance
time for friendship and sweet romance

And in the winter the faeries pray
for peace on earth, to all they say
"Love is all, Love is real
Let your heart speak what you feel"

As spring unfolds and birds take wing
faeries joyous dance and sing
dressed in shades of green and gold
hands outstretched for you to hold

Amongst the ancient oaks that stand
across the wood, a sacred land
In a circle of sparkling light
a mythical presence, a magical sight

Two unicorns of legends past
usher in the spring at last
by touching horns and hearts to earth
they bring enchantment and rebirth

In shelters of the dark and deep
stir creatures lost in dream and sleep
Awakened by spring's gentle love
they poke their noses up above
soil moist so warm and ready
seedlings growing strong and steady

New life takes hold and lights the way
for spirit joins the night with day
As buds burst forth and ferns unfurl
Each handsome faerie boy and girl
will take another by the hand
and with one look will understand

Love mirrored in eyes deep and mild
the call of nature sweet and wild
The forest floor erupts in flowers
from seeds of love and warm spring showers

Bathed in pools of beauteous grace
faeries frolic and embrace
Spirits soar with sheer elation
In this season of creation

In summer when the days are long
faeries raise their voice in song
A melody so pure in spirit
that all the natural world might hear it

Sitting by the rushing river
on the leaves of reeds that quiver
Faeries gaze at skies so blue
while sipping tea of morning dew

This is a time for fun let wild
to be a free and happy child
To run, to smile, to fly a kite
on which a faeries may alight

For summer faeries love to play
they know just how to spend the day
Visiting amongst the flowers
faeries rest and dream for hours
conversing with their friend the bee
as he harvests tenderly

When night descends you may perchance
catch a gflimpse of faerie dance
So look quick, open your eyes
They may ride by on dragonflies!

You may take the time to wonder
to drink the rain and feel the thunder
To join the faeries in their quest
to let all know that we are blessed

The faeries would like to remind
that summer is the time to find
The child within your gentle heart
of which your spirit is a part

Copyright 1997 Jodi Shagg