Poems by hollie stam

The essence of your whole being
confronted me and told me
to hang on to what we
had one nite.
In spite of many
lonesome miles filled with magic,
my soul seems emptier
without your smile and
fearless insight.
After the first and last nite
we spent together,
your touch stills lingers
on my isolated body.
Karma-have i done something good to
deserve your company?
Or have i simply fell into paradise
on this ever-flowing earth.
Until our souls have a chance to caress
again. . . . . .
i leave you with my void.

This institution makes me scream.
falsely decorated in dim possibilites and
undying unanimous voices
the surface is the only thing around here
and i
wait for a new world. . . . . .
Waiting for such a long time
has shown a different side of me
and tears don't come
quite as easily
i can't let them inside. . . . . .
solitude can be a beautiful thing
but occasionally it can and will
slowly kill a person
Does that make death beautiful too?

Flowing-leaving back the everything
keep on going
running into the deep sea
leave the past
back where it belongs and
keep on going
don't linger too long
The changes we face everyday
must be met with a smile
as we experience them
and as we go on
we'll laugh and be happy
to meet every change
once again

If you wonder where the time has gone,
maybe its suffered
intrusions at the hand of society.
As we rush about with a simple sort
of contagiousness,
we're oblivious to patience and
We're one with
the hours of the clock
ticking by. . . . .
We're suffering under our own
hands by forgetting
to stop and smell the flowers
and to have a nice cup of tea
every once and a while.
Why don't we just take a life giving breath and
live life
one breath at a time.

i've finally crushed the misconception. . . . .
i need someone divine
to hold.
For i've been deprived of your unknown
ethreal eyes,
deep and so controlling,
for my entire life.
There has always been
a void
and my confusion turned
me away
from love.
And certain moments i feel
i will never know you.
My heart wither at the mere thought.
Reassure my searching
and give my unanswered questions
complete and intricate answers
as i know you would.
For i have been alone
so long.