Poems by hippigrrl

Nature's sanctuary

purple skies
shimmer on woven blue seas
on the lake side
we daze
and bask in the beauty
of the sunset

trees sway
blow my hair
i dream

nature's sanctuary
where the animal's roam
in all its beauty
flowers bloom
colors fill my eyes
the smiles are bright
and new

blue skies
where clouds swim
they lay


sparkling moonlight
on glimmering wide eyes
the children of the lost
swim in there own minds

tribal like shamans
of the new lands
feed the minds
of truth seeking
gasping for
intellectual stimulants

kindred dreams
shimmer our souls
the happy children
dance in the sun
banging their drums.

the tree's sway
and whisp away my hair
smiles feel nice
on sad faces
and bring a glow
of summer

we float
in our minds
god like life
comes in brightly
as i seem
in the
day glow sea of beauty
that glows in the lands
summer is approaching

lustful wishes

the moon glimme
in her beautiful eyes
the air is filled
with lustful wishes

we dance and feel,
and play
and find god,
in this imaculate
wet, sweet

our souls intertwine
we get lost,
wandering and dreaming
in this magical place
where heaven awaits

those who dare to dream
and venture
to this great land

feel natures high,
rushing, orgasmic
feeding our instinctive
for pleasures

peace love and acid trips

the summer sun shines
while we lay in the poppy fields
dreaming of lil hearts and butterfly's
naked tribal like free dreams

see the children dancing,
flowers in the sweet lil girls hair
her beautiful smile
shines in the summer sun,

such a free young soul,
yet so fragile.
in a dark world where
she has found the light.

peace love and acid trips
we go to another place
where the sun is always shinning.

lets walk through the looking glass
and find the truths,that are before us
dont be afraid,
heaven awaits

Through the doors
in our minds
we wander