The Dolphins

Enchanted, enraptured, entranced,
Individual, yet part of a great ring of endless light,
I look around at my surroundings,
At the people wearing the bright vibrant colors
of the earth under a glowing moon,
of the summer gardens, replete with Life,
of autumn trees, preparing for a winter's rest,
of the sky over the sea ten minutes before a storm.
Under a bright sapphire sky, the radiant sun shines,
not burning, not scorching, only warming.
Clouds skirt across the sky playing games
and making children laugh in delight.
Around and around, spirits of Dolphins.
Whirling, jumping, leaping about
Like dervishes, crazed and joyful.
Around and around, at dizzying speeds,
the Dolphins dance.
I try to follow the steps, but the patterns elude me.
Time and time again, I try, but the Dolphins
evade me, change quickly, weave in and out
around and through Time and Space.
Finally I fall, like Angels, like a Child
exhausted, contented,
happy to feel life pulsing in the grass
and I no longer worry about whirling and dancing,
satisfied to let the Dolphins flow about me,
surrendered to the ebb and flow of their dance.