Poems by Stasie Diatz

Expressions are useless.
Stupidity doesn't fade.
Mockery to the mask of disobediant souls.
Too many thoughts.
Racing throughout the mind.
Pyschoanalysis -- only complex minds.
Some are a waste of science.
No use to analyze.
Expressions are useless.
Everythings a limitation, an illusion of the ego.
Everythings useless.
Follow the path to sacred enlightment.

Disarrayed images feel through me.
Invading my privacy of thought.
They pick and turn the key.
Finding, once again the password.
Their own name.
It will strike them down.
As I rise.
And surround myself with incapabilities.

Theres no chance of change
No prevention from the lack of chaotic nature
No escape from our selves
Society will reclaim itself
For the revolution is within us.

Now - Always
People Are Mine
I have You and You have No One.
Life is the semblance of substitutive gratifications yet reapplied
Intoxications? Help. Permissive. Deny?
Think and lead life. With your own.
All thats missing is forever lost
My emptiness fulfills this poor happiness
For my life is forever entangled with yours and I wish for you more
These selfish notions I hear as they echo throughout my life
which is nothing without you
I see you walk here
My possessions you carry within
All thats lost is forever missing
Because my love is stronger than this life

I want to live a fake life.
Along with my fake thoughts
All my contentness is a facade
I want to live in a small white house
And go out to brunch every morning
Comforted by day. Sleeping by night.
To wash away these feelings of my pain
All that is real within myself
These painted fingernails
These hole-filled clothes
All burn with my stability
What stability?
It holds my pain.

Boredom is dull when life is gone
Captivity is lost
When ignorance lives
My music will play forver
   as long as you're here
   guiding my way
   through this life
Which is escaping my hands like blood from burnt wire agaisnt the pale
flesh of goodness
Its gone. Didn't you see it leave around the back?
Oh come on you know you want to
We'll have fun
The princess whore calls for you while you roll the pants about your
hardness, trying to conceal it.
What? No, wait. Its still there.
Lets kill our lust and live in all harmony.
I breathe in a deepness of reality
I'm lost, lost with in the trees, within myself
It will capture me
Theres no escaping now
This demon that dwells inside of me
Surviving off my hatred; my fear
"It willdevour your taste" - he says
The old one knows well
Don't forget me -- it cries
As it sears my inner strength
My obediance, my logic
Goodbye.. its all lost within