Poems and Songs
by Craig Pingsterhaus


Sun comes out all is bright;
moon fades, goodbye sweet night.
In this world of hate in war
why must we still keep score?

And I wonder why;
And I start to cry;
And I want to fly;
but I am all alone.

In the air I hear the fight;
peace is far out of sight.
Take the key unlock the door,
millions dead, how much more?

And I wonder why;
And I start to cry;
And I want to fly;
but I am lost.

Look around the battleground,
all is quiet not a sound.
Run away in disgust,
why is death always a must?
Stop and turn for one last look,
how I trembled and I shook.
Hand comes down to comfort me;
who can this person be?

And I wonder why;
And I start to cry;
And I want to fly;
and now I am found.

Spin to see another face,
looks to be from a far off place.
I don't know if me he'll kill,
what can be this man's will?
He takes me to a peaceful land
far across the buring sand.
This friend of mine has saved my soul,
now with joy my heart is full!

And I wondered why;
and I no longer cry;
and I can now fly;
with my new wings.


I'm sorry that I made you sad.
please forgive me, didn't want to make you mad.
I wish that it could be as it should
and I would love you only if I could.

If I could, I would give you the world.
If I could, I would make you my girl.
But I can't, oh don't you see
that someone else has got a hold of me.

And maybe in another life;
In another time, you could be my wife.
and if I see you in the old neighborhood,
I would love you only if I could.


Goodnight my darlin',
Goodnight my dear.
Close your eyes and rest,
for I am near.

Do not worry,
for its alright.
Sleep now baby,
dream through the night.

When morning comes I will
be by your side.
I'll be the refuge
in which you hide.

Dream of flowers
beneath the sun.
Dream of us dear,
where two is one.


I don't know where I will go,
like a river I do flow.
I have no way to ever know
what this life will ever show.

Oh my can't you see,
no one knows how it will be.         (this is the chorus)
Land, air, and sea;
one day we will be free.

I can see the stars in the sky
and the birds that love to fly.
Things are born and then they die,
I wish that I could know why.


Now's the time to come together,
rain or shine not just fair weather.
In a union like birds of a feather,
Join as one and live forever.



I woke up this morning,
rolled out of bed.
I still remember
every word that you said.

So now I'm going
to find you;
and the words that I said,
you know they are true.

So love me,love me.
Love me, love me.
Love me, love me.
Love me, love me like I do.

I still need you,
to be with me.
If this ain't love,
what can it be?

And all damn day
I dream of you
and all of the things
that we've been through.

Singing love me, love me.
Love me, love me.
Love me, love me.
Love me. love me like I do.


Here I am I sit alone,
far from my home.
With no possesions of my own,
I'm bare to the bone.

Don't pity me,
for I'm alright.
Just got to make it
through one more night.

Many times I've been here before
and this is just once more.
Cold winds come and chill my soul,
I can hear the bells toll.

Don't pity me,
for I'm alright.
Just got to make it
through one more night.

All Alone

All Alone
I start to cry,
Oh please God
Will you tell me why?

Many friends
but no one to love,
To be free
like a beautiful white dove.

To find my Queen some day
is all I that I want,
But I come up empty
after every hunt.

So now I give up
on this little game,
My heart is lonely
It's always the same.

To stop this pain
I wish I knew how,
If you can help me
please do so now!

Seventeen Years

Locked up tight with few keys
God help me out pretty please
Seventeen years and still closed up
I wish someone would fill the cup

In time a key will enter the lock
Until then I'll just sit on the dock
Letting my mind wonder into a far off place
Just let me go and stay off my case

I love all but still am lost
To be loved is worth any cost
Even for all the world's gold
That's the truth and stands big and bold

Open yourself up and do not judge
For if you don't our progress won't dudge
War and hate are all very bad
Just the thought makes me extremely sad

Express what you feel
and be who you are
That's the only way
To be the brightest shining star

Full of Life

Spiral colors all in my mind
Help me out if your kind.
I'm dropping out, falling behind
Your own self, you must find.

So full of life yet so dead
Images floating around my head.
Many thoughts and colorful things
Sometimes pictures of butterfly wings.

Up in the sky its a beautiful blue
So happy to be up there with you.
Time flies by without a worry
Taking our time, in no hurry.

Softly land in a field of grass
I inhale the air, I just can't pass.
In my lungs it fermenates
I open up wide the heavenly gates.

I pass through in anticipation
I'm reborn, like recreation.
All evil is gone, only good remains
Soul as sweet as sugar canes.

Everyone is beautiful in their own special way
I hope we all will see that soon some day.
If I were like you and you were like me,
It would be no fun, how boring it would be.

The Worst Crime

He walks down the road
happy as can be
No care in the world
as you can plainly see
His world is far from
that of yours
Many have looked but
found no cures

But one day he'll lose
it and snap
He's so nice he's
just a sap
All he really wants is a place
to be free
To live with friends and be
a family

Life to him is just one
big blur
But his thoughts and intentions
are all pure
Some things that he does gets
tangled and confused
All women his with make him
feel naive and used

He tries to escape reality,
just get away
He wants a world of peace and love
each and every day
History shows this hard
and to take a long time
But to give his dream up
would be the worst crime

Be Yourself

Express yourself and free your soul,
Inner fire burn like a flaming coal.
Ideas and thoughts run through my head,
Never ending til I'm dead.
Let yourself go and be free,
It's the only way, can you not see.

Bridge the gap with all,
That's the sun's crying call.
Shining bright from within,
He forgives all the sin.
Lights up the entire earth,
Each day is like a rebirth.

Hear the willow weep,
Listen, don't say a peep.
See the sky of blue,
A beautifully perfect hue.
Taste the sweetness of love,
Feel the softness of a dove.

Emotions and senses overload my mind,
Love and affection I soon will find.
Hidden yet still in plain sight,
I will not give up without a fight.
Pain and suffering is part of life,
Love her forever and make her your wife.

Wisdom and peace are all I ask,
Be yourself, please don't wear a mask.