Poems by Carmelle
from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Email cw:ayborn@escape.ca

It was a sunny afternoon
I had a picture of you on my mind,
while I gently floated across the sea.
This creation I had made in my mind
had suddenly come alive...
But now you're gone,
and only a memory was left behind.
Why did you leave?
What did I do?
Please come back to me.
The sun gave me warmth,
but all I felt was cold darkness...
So empty without you by my side.
The memories flooded me
My heart became heavy,
and I felt myself drown deep, deep under the sea.
I carry on under here in these wet surroundings,
not being able to see land or the beautiful bright rays of the sun.
My heart is still heavy...
Maybe someday I will be lifted back up.
Look what you have done to me
Why did you leave?
I am trapped because of you
Oh why, why, why?

Her eyes were pools of sparkling blue
Her hair put the sun to shame
Her genuine smile could touch all around
And her delicate fingers used for many talents.
But despite her many outer beautys,
something inside was dismay.
She longed for the special one who held the main key
The key to her heart that is.
He was out there,
But what if never found?
Would she then be destined for lonliness?
If you find the key,
Please do say...
For she is always searching for him,
and will never give up.

I jumped,
I pranced,
I sang...
I lifted my face up to the heavens
The warmth of the sun penetrated deep inside me.
I felt capable of making the impossible possible...
I lifted my arms
I ran forward,
and like a frog leaped off the cliff.
I soared like an eagle
But as alert as a cat
And as elegantly as a monarch...
I flew back down to solid ground,
and casually walked away.

The wound is deep
The pain is none
The scar is forever...
When the dark shadows hover,
Its a way of release.
The shadows lift just for a few seconds
but that's better than nothing.
The cut bleeds freely
All the pain trickles out
And I am left with a scar forever.
It may fade,
but it will always be there...
Lingering under a shirt sleeve,
or pushed into the corner of my mind
It will be there

Seeing sounds
Hearing colours
Swaying walls
And rolling floors.
Such a different world
Good and bad is this world...
Realistic nightmares.
Running through meadows of sweet fragrant flowers
All your inner aches released
Fly through the sky.
Enjoy it while it lasts...
It's only a high,
and soon you will crash

I know you,
but we've never met
I've seen you,
but we've never met
I like you,
but we've never met...
I want your love
I want your touch
I want you by my side,
but we've never met.
I've shared my life with you...
My secrets
My dreams
And everything inbetween
But you don't give a shit,
because we've never met

The world is put on hold just for me
As I sit in the corner with my head on my knees.
While I ponder
While I prey
Nothing happens,
all is at bay.
But when I'm revived,
the world is at play

Looking alive and well on the outside,
but secretly very different on the inside.
Pain, hate, and unhappiness cling to the mind and soul.
Dark shadows follow the heavy heart
The echo of footsteps reflect lonliness and doom.
Will this ever fade?
Oh please I beg, let it fade

Up, up, high into the bright blue sky
Flying with wings of sparkling gold.
Holding hands,
never letting go.
The clouds like marshmellows lazily roam...
We fly right through,
never letting go
Higher, higher into the sky
We fly free like a bired,
never letting go.